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How to Become a Teacher Online with Teachers of Tomorrow

With four steps, and no degree necessary,Teachers of Tomorrow offers a convenient and approachable way to obtain your online teacher certification. Wondering how to become a teacher online with Teachers of Tomorrow? Apply today, become eligible, teach for one year, and earn your certification!

Our State Approved Program, Delivered Online

The Texas Teachers online teacher certification program brings you our world class training delivered in a 100% online format. Our brand new online training modules include a proven curriculum to help you feel confident as a first-time teacher, as well as a mentor throughout your first year in the classroom.

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Your Support Team

Learning from home doesn't mean learning alone. Texas Teachers online teacher certification program provides consistent support to help you turn your dream of teaching into a reality.

We offer the flexibility to complete your training from home, on your time, with the support you need.

  • Online Study Community – current and past Interns give insight into test tips and study materials for the PPR and content area exams.
  • Program Advisors – specially trained to help you through every step of the program.
  • Field Supervisors – your mentor will conduct periodic classroom visits to offer classroom guidance and answer questions.

Flexibility to Match Any Schedule

Accommodating even the most hectic schedules, Texas Teachers’ online teacher certification program delivers our streamlined and proven certification program to you, wherever you are. The online teacher certification training is fully self paced and 100% web-based. There are no deadlines and no extra charges for not finishing within set time requirements.

Streamlined Route From Online to The Classroom

Take your future into your own hands with our self paced online teacher certification program.. 93% of our candidates are hired in less than a year, making Texas Teachers of Tomorrow the quickest route from online to the classroom.

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Why Choose Teachers of Tomorrow for Your Online Teachers Certification Program?

Teachers of Tomorrow is a 100% remote program that allows you to receive your online teacher certification in a convenient and approachable way. It starts with a free application, and one-time enrollment fee, making Teachers of Tomorrow an affordable option. Additionally, you are empowered to take courses at your own pace, which allows you to receive your online teacher certification with any lifestyle. Not only will you be given the tools to have success in the classroom, but you will also have the support of an online community and advisors every step of the way.

Can you get a teachers certificate online?

Yes, you can get your teachers certificate online! If you want to receive your online teacher certification, you can either have a bachelor’s degree, the equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree, or 2-7 years of full-time work experience. Once you enroll in one of the five different enrollment paths offered by Teachers of Tomorrow, complete your training certificate in a specific subject. With a passing exam and participation in 30 hours of field based experience, you will be ready to teach in the classroom.

The newly adopted provisions of the 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 228, Requirements for Educator Preparation Programs are effective September 1, 2024. To ensure our compliance with these new requirements and the expectations related to Field-Based Experiences (FBEs), any candidate who has not obtained an intern certificate by 9/1/24 must complete 50 total FBE hours. Contact your Program Advisor for more information.

How long does it take to become certified through online teachers programs?

Teachers of Tomorrow is a fully online program, which allows you to take coursework and training at your own pace. This means that you can receive your online teacher certification within 9-12 months versus the traditional 4 years. Quickly go from online courses to working in the classroom with Teachers of Tomorrow.

How do you become a teacher in Texas if you already have a degree?

If you already have a 4-year bachelor’s degree and have 2.5+ GPA, you are able to start the online teacher certification process right away. First, send in your official transcripts and enroll. Once you’ve completed your testing and training, you must complete your Internship Year and teach in person to receive your certification.

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