Eligible for Hire

Your next steps to Get Hired

Now Is the Time to GET HIRED 

Our new “Now Is the Time” initiative is to get more teachers into schools this year. Having already passed one or more certification exam(s), you are well on your way to becoming certified. There is a real shortage of teachers in this country and together we can help solve it!

1. Prepare for your Job Search

It’s time to prepare for your job search! Begin looking for teaching positions immediately after receiving your SOE. Once you begin your job search, there are two essential tasks you must complete:

1. Apply for your Intern CertificateAs soon as you begin looking for teaching jobs, apply for your Intern Certificate. When preparing your application, make sure to select A+ Texas Teachers as the recommending entity. We recommend you apply and submit the $78 application fee, which will prompt your next step.

2. Submit payment for fingerprinting. As required by the state, you must submit fingerprints to undergo a background check. The cost to submit fingerprints is $52.20 and payment is due at the time of submission.

Most employers will only consider applicants who have completed these two steps.  

2. Get Hired

After you have applied for your Intern Certificate and paid to submit your fingerprints, you can dedicate your focus to job searching! Expand your search to within an hour commute from your residence to give yourself plenty of options. Remember that once you complete your first year teaching, you will be able to teach anywhere in Texas! Use our job search resources to help you prepare – submit your resume for review, watch our seminar, attend our webinars, follow our guide to preparing your portfolio, and practice interviewing using our sample questions.

3. Final Steps

Once you have verbally accepted a teaching position, it is extremely important to complete your “I Got a Job” form in your Intern Portal. Please provide the Statement of Eligibility (SOE) to your district’s HR department for completion. Your HR department must then send us your completed SOE, at which time we will process your ‘I Got a Job’ form. After you submit the form, check your email often for your final steps from our Certification Department. Once all steps are complete, TEA will send you an email confirmation that you have been recommended for your Intern Certificate by Texas Teachers. Please review your TEAL account to assure your certificate has issued.

4. Start Teaching

Start your first year of teaching with full support. Once you are hired, you will begin teaching with full pay, full benefits, and full support. You receive guidance from your Texas Teachers Field Supervisor, an experienced educator who will conduct 5 times throughout the year and is always on-call to answer your questions. You can expect to hear from your Field Supervisor within the first few weeks of your Intern Year. Click here to learn more about the requirements during your Internship Year.

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