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Get Hired Before the End of this School Year!

Pass Your Exam and Become Eligible for Hire!

We are excited to announce that July 1, 2022, marked the kickoff of Texas Teachers of Tomorrow’s Late Hire season! As a late hire candidate, you are eligible to get hired by school districts and start making a difference during the 2022-2023 school year after only passing your TExES Content Exam(s) – making it the biggest hiring season of the year. Ready to inspire your classroom?

The Late Hire Teaching Journey

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Apply Today

Submit your free application and send your official transcripts. Must be offered admissions on or after July 1, 2022.

Pass Content Exam(s)

Pass your TExES Content Exam to become eligible to teach!

Start Teaching

Begin teaching on your Intern Certificate while earning full pay and benefits. Complete your Pre-Service Training requirements within 90 days of becoming hired.

Fully Certified

Earn your full certification, upon successful completion of all program requirements!

Time to Make a Difference!

Learn everything You Need to
Make an Impact This School Year!

Now Is The Time! Choose Teaching!

If you have been offered admission to the Texas Teachers program on or after July 1, 2022, as a Late Hire Candidate, you are eligible for hire immediately after passing your Content Exam(s). Simply enroll, pass your TExES exam(s), and fulfill the requirements once hired!

Schools Are Actively Hiring
Amazing Teachers Year-Round!

We want you to be successful in the classroom! From the first day you start teaching, school districts will give you 90 school days to complete the following*:

  • Required Pre-Service Training Modules
  • 30 hours of Field-Based Experiences


*DISCLAIMER: Please note that the 90-day window to complete the aforementioned requirements only applies to candidates classified as a Late Hire status; it does NOT apply to candidates who are enrolled in the Clinical Teaching program.

You must complete the following during your Intern Year and before your Intern Certificate expires :

  1. Complete Internship Projects & Elective Coursework
  2. Complete the Test Preparation for the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) Exam
  3. Pass the PPR Exam

Please review all other program requirements

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Steps to Start Teaching

as a Late Hire Candidate

Apply and Receive Admission Offer

To be considered a Late Hire Candidate, you must Apply and enroll in Texas Teachers of Tomorrow certification on or after July 1, 2022. To accept your admission offer and enroll, please visit your Intern Portal.

Prepare for Your Content Exam

After you pass your Content Exam (and STR, if required), your Statement of Eligibility (SOE) will be available for download in your Intern Portal. Your SOE informs schools that you are eligible for hire.

Get Hired and Begin Teaching!

Once you have passed your Content Exam and have obtained your SOE, you are eligible to be hired by school districts immediately! Review our Hiring Resources to help you find your first teaching job.

Still Have Questions?

We have answers! Please read our comprehensive FAQ to learn more about becoming a Late Hire Candidate!

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