Study & Test Strategies

Strategy 1

Submitted by Rory

Study Strategy

National FFA Manual, Texas Farm Facts, Texas FFA Leadership Guide, Parliamentary Guide for FFA, and a Agriscience textbook (if you can get a hold of one).

Testing Strategy

I wanted to write this review since there's not much information available for this test. Agriculture and Life Sciences covers a ton of individual subjects, so it might appear to be a little daunting. The best advice I can give is absolutely read over the Texas Farm Facts posted on the Texas FFA website, under the Quiz LDE section. I expected this test to cover broad concepts, as many of the other subject test do, but it has a lot of random information based questions. If you took a lot of ag. classes in high school, or majored in something agricultural related, it should be a breeze. My one weakness was in agricultural mechanics, but I managed to pass that section of the course by reviewing an introductory Agriscience textbook beforehand. In general, those freshman books will be a great review tool, since they give a nice overview on all subjects of the test. If you are still in contact with your old ag teachers, I would highly recommend requesting one of these books to flip through. Also, you get five hours on the test. Don't be surprised if you finish in an hour or so. There's not many mathematical based problems on the test, and the few that are present can easily be done in your head.

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