It’s always great to hear from our wonderful Texas Teachers’ alumni and share in their success. Lace Garcia and Caitlin Carter are two such alumni who are making a difference at Austin Achieve Public Schools.

Ms. Garcia Texas Teacher

Lace Garcia – Middle School Art Teacher, Austin Achieve Public Schools 

“When I graduated college with two liberal arts degrees, I had no idea what path my professional pursuits would take. Texas Teachers gave me purpose and the confidence I needed to steer myself in a direction I could be proud of. Austin Achieve took that confidence and supported me through my growth and development as an educator. I will continue to move with purpose on my path as a Texas Teacher.”

Ms. Carter Texas Teacher

Caitlin Carter – Middle School Math Teacher, Austin Achieve Public Schools

“The Texas Teachers program was an easy, fast, and affordable way to pursue my teaching career. I was able to go at my own speed for the program which allowed me to focus in on what area of education I am most passionate about. I always felt supported by their staff and they were able to walk me through the program when I had questions. It was a very seamless process to receive my certification.”