Advance Your Career Through Education

We have partnered with Western Governors University Education Master’s program so that you can accelerate your career by earning a Master’s degree. You may now receive Master’s level credit for the work you have completed at Teachers of Tomorrow. As a graduate of the Teachers of Tomorrow program, you are eligible to apply for an exclusive WGU scholarship valued up to $2,500.

WGU is the nation’s first online, nonprofit, competency-based university. This enables them to charge half the tuition of other online universities. If you have existing competencies from prior work and education, you may be able to draw upon this experience to complete your assessments faster and accelerate your degree program; this will save you both time and money. WGU doesn’t award degrees based on seat time. Instead, you earn your degree by demonstrating your competence in your field.

This is a great option for self-directed learners who want to boost their careers but can’t fit traditional schooling into their busy work lives. WGU programs are flexible so that you can access course material or study independently at the time and place you choose. You can progress at a pace that enables you to earn a college degree while managing your career, your family, and life’s other challenges. The programs available to Teacher of Tomorrow graduates include M.S. Special Education (K-12), M.S. Curriculum and Instruction, M.Ed. Learning and Technology, M.Ed. Instructional Design, and M.S. Educational Leadership.

As soon as you complete enrollment you can start a masters program the first of any month. The next start date is December 1. Take the next step for your career now.


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