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Fast Track: The Quickest Way to Get Teaching!

You’ve decided to start your path to becoming a teacher – congratulations! If you’re itching to get into the classroom as soon as possible, we’ve got just the thing! Texas Teachers has created an exclusive route to fast-track your way to the classroom. On the Fast Track, you can become a fully certified teacher in just 14 weeks! This is the only way to earn your Standard Certificate in just a few short weeks.

The Fast Track is the quickest way to earn your teacher certification in Texas. For 14 weeks, you have the incredible opportunity to work alongside a fully certified teacher and learn from an expert. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; you won’t find a program like this anywhere else. At the end of a short 14-week co-teaching classroom placement, you’ll be eligible to earn your Standard Certificate and complete the Texas Teachers program.

How to the Join Fast Track

Our Fast Track enrollment period for fall 2021 won’t be open much longer! There’s no time to waste. If you want to become a certified Texas teacher in only 14, weeks, here’s how to join the Fast Track program:

While acceptance into the program is not guaranteed, our admittance rate for qualified applicants is well above 90%! To help you prepare for your 14-week student teaching assignment, there are two simple requirements you’ll need to complete to apply:

Currently, your 30 FBE hours can be completed 100% online! If you haven’t already, check out these six great online study tips and resources! After you complete your FBE hours and pass your content exam, you’re ready to apply to the Fast Track program! To let us know you’re interested, simply email us at As soon as we receive your email, we’ll send you something called the Star Haberman Exam. Don’t be alarmed by the name; it’s not a real “exam”! This is a free screening tool used to get a better picture of your personal teaching philosophy. The best part is that there’s no studying required! The Star Haberman Exam only takes about 20-30 minutes to complete and is composed of 50 multiple-choice questions. Now that you know a little bit about enrollment, let’s talk about your teaching placement!

After you have completed the short multiple-choice screening assessment, a Texas Teachers Coordinator will schedule an informal phone interview with you. Together, you’ll spend about half an hour discussing the structure of the Fast Track program to ensure you’re on the path to success. You’ll also be able to chat about your preferred school districts (we recommend having around three) and outline the placement timeline. Once accepted into the Fast Track program, you’ll have to complete three training modules. As soon as these are finished, we will reach out to your school district choices on your behalf and help to secure your teaching placement.

Week-by-Week Breakdown

It’s amazing to know that you have the ability to earn your full Standard Certificate in just 14 weeks! Over the course of your student teaching assignment, you’ll gradually take on more classroom responsibility, while receiving support and guidance from your fully certified cooperative classroom teacher. Let’s take a closer look at your 14-week Fast Track placement and break it down into weekly segments.




WEEKS 7-10

WEEKS 11-14




Ask Questions

Learn Classroom Procedures

Learn student names


Deliver 2-3 lessons per day, with help

Begin co-teaching

Begin co-lesson planning, with help


Full responsibility for 5 consecutive days!

Take control of planning and instructing while asking questions and receiving support


Take more initiative

Begin lesson planning, independently

Deliver 2-3 lessons per day, independently


Become independent!

Full responsibility for 10 consecutive days!


How to Know If the Fast Track Is Right for You

There are a few considerations you’ll want to think about when deciding if the Fast Track is the right option for you. Keep in mind that although your 14-week Fast Track placement is unpaid, this is the only way to expedite your teacher certification. Our Fast Track route is an exclusive path offered to qualified candidates who choose to apply, so once you have accepted your teaching placement, the Traditional Internship route is no longer available. If you’re interested in earning your Standard Certificate in the least amount of time possible, then Fast Track is right for you!

Benefits of the Fast Track

Your dream is to become a teacher, and our dream has always been to help make that happen. We wanted to provide you the incredible opportunity to make your dream a reality in 14 weeks, which is why we are so excited to invite you to join the Fast Track. The Fast Track is the quickest and most cost-effective way to complete the Texas Teachers program and earn your Standard Certificate. While both facts sound like the biggest perks of the program, the benefits don’t stop there! Let’s explore a few pros of the Fast Track:

  • Districts Scout Dedicated Teachers. The Fast Track route shows dedication and commitment to teaching, which is why school districts will often search for Fast Track candidates as potential new teachers to hire in their schools.
  • Increase Your Marketability. Being able to list student teaching on your resume drastically improves your chances of getting hired sooner. This is an extremely valuable experience.
  • Gain Hands-on Experience. Working in the classroom with a certified teacher provides a level of hands-on teaching you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Build Connections. Most candidates use their cooperative teacher as a reference when applying for teaching positions.
  • Learn from the Best. Partner with a veteran teacher to help work through some of the stickiest tasks that first-year teachers tackle: lesson planning, classroom management, structuring your full day, etc.
  • We Do the Work! Your opinion matters to us, and we strive to place you in the top school district of your choosing. Once you’re accepted into the Fast Track, we will do our very best to connect you with your preferred school. Many candidates are even hired in the same school after completing the 14-week placement!
  • Flexible Payment Options. This is your program, so make it work for you! Save $300 when you submit your Fast Track program balance before you start teaching. If you’d like to break it into two installments, no problem! Read more about pricing options here.
  • Principals are Familiar with the Fast Track. Completing a Fast Track placement is most similar to a student teaching practicum – the in-person teacher training traditional university students are required to carry out.

Sounds too good to pass up, right? If you can achieve your dream of being a teacher in 14 weeks, why wait? Apply to our Fast Track program while there’s still time!