IDEA, the nation’s largest public charter school system, has a long standing partnership with Texas Teachers at their Texas school locations. This year, they are holding a literacy campaign to raise money for much needed books and book scholarships for their students.

Taken directly from their fundraising page:

At IDEA, we believe great readers make great learners.  That’s why we put so much emphasis on literacy.  Come visit an IDEA campus and tour our Accelerated Reader Zone, a quiet space where you’ll find books lining the walls, color-coded by reading level, and more importantly, students falling in love with reading.  

Once that love for literacy is developed, it never goes away.  Unfortunately, once our students leave our campus walls, books, especially text books essential for college classes, are not easily accessible.  Many of our students need the funds provide through generous donations to help pay for their books.

This holiday season, you have an opportunity to give IDEA scholars the best gift of all. Your donation will be used to provide books for IDEA students and help fund book scholarships for IDEA alumni.

For more information on how you can donate to IDEA’s literacy campaign click here.