A Surge of New Jobs Headed Your Way!

Great news, Texas Teachers candidates! On Monday, July 6th, many teachers in Texas retired, opening up a floodgate of new teaching positions! Principals and hiring managers wait until they learn how many teachers will retire to post new jobs. Now that this day has arrived, there are tons of NEW, open teaching positions posted! Stay optimistic and keep searching! Your dream job may have been posted in the past couple of days!

Attend Our Virtual Job Fairs!

With the rush of vacant jobs, schools urgently need more teachers! Throughout the month of July, we are hosting 4 different Virtual Job Fairs! This is your best opportunity to meet with school districts who are actively hiring! If you’re hoping to find your dream job, you can’t afford to miss these events. Sign up for as many as you’d like!


Helpful Job Resources

From resumes to interviews, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to check out some of our most helpful resources to help you land the job.

  • Blog | How to Write THE Resume: Learn how to craft a flawless resume, sure to catch the eye of any hiring professional! Find the resume writing guide here.
  • Blog | How to Master Your Virtual Teacher Interview: It’s likely you may have a virtual interview, especially if you attend the Virtual Job Fair! Make sure you’re prepared by reading our best advice here.
  • Blog | 8 Most Common Teacher Interview Questions: Landing an interview is a huge victory! Now make sure to land the job by mastering the answers to these common questions. Read the interview questions and answers here.
  • Interview Resource Sheet: 12 pages of pure gold! Find everything you need to know about interviewing here.
  • Resume Review. A free service provided to our candidates! Get an expert pair of eyes on your resume! Request this service in your Intern Portal!
  • Facebook Community: Gain insight from peers who are working through the same stage you are! Ask questions, find answers, and connect with others here.

Webinars Galore

Don’t forget to attend our FREE webinars to receive expert advice and tips from HR personnel, principals, and hiring managers! Click on the title or the blue icons to register for free!

TOT000256 63 1SpEd Overview: Learn how becoming a Special Education (SpEd) teacher can help you land your first near-guaranteed teaching job! This is the most frequently requested candidate list by districts. Attend the SpEd webinar and learn how to get your name on the list!

TOT000256 61 1Master the Interview: Hosted by professionals whose job revolves around hiring teachers – learn from HR professionals themselves what precisely they look for in a candidate during an interview. Attend this webinar and make an unforgettable first impression.

TOT000256 33 1High-Need Areas: Learn about the amazing benefits of becoming a high-need area teacher. High-need area teachers find jobs easier, stay employed, have higher salaries, fill teacher shortages, make a difference. Learn about how to become one during our webinar!

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Resume Builder: Landing your first teaching job starts with a stellar resume! This webinar will help you transform your generic resume into a custom education-focused resume.