UPDATE 10/1: Please note that the TEA Text Waiver has now expired.


 New information on the TExES Content Exam

As of October 1, 2020, the TExES Content Exam is required to be hired as a teacher. That means, before the intern year begins, an individual must pass all TExEs content exams for their teaching area. In addition to the TExES content exam, individuals must pass the PPR exam during the duration of their intern year. During the duration of an individual’s intern year, they must also pass the PPR exam.

Fall 2020 Update – TExES Exam

Governor Abbott has just released a groundbreaking update, which temporarily allows candidates to be issued an Intern Certificate before passing a content test. This means that candidates enrolled with Texas Teachers can be eligible to receive their one-year Intern Certificate without having to pass the TExES content exam prior to getting hired*. There truly has never been a more opportune time to become a teacher. Take advantage of this ticking opportunity before it’s too late. Fall 2020, you can be hired as a teacher before passing your TExES content exam! 

Interested? Here’s what you need to do! To become eligible for hire, you must obtain your Statement of Eligibility, by completing the following:

  1. Complete your required online Pre-Service Training Modules (found under the “Training Progress” page in the Intern Portal)
  2. Complete 30 Field-Based Experience Hours (currently 100% online; complete the TCR 000 Field Observation and Reflection course)
  3. Pass your content exam

That’s it! Complete these two simple tasks, and you are ready to #GetHired!

*Valid until October 1st, 2020.

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Start the Clock!

An opportunity this amazing won’t last long. Act now and secure your Intern Certificate while the requirement to pass your TExES content exam is waived for getting hired in Fall 2020. This allowance will only be extended through October 1, 2020. Currently, you may earn your Statement of Eligibility and obtain your Intern Certificate to #GetHired when you complete your required online training modules and 30 Field-Based Experience Hours. If you do not finish these two requirements in order to be recommended for the Intern Certificate before October 1, 2020, you will be required to pass the TExES content exam prior to getting hired.

If you are hired and recommended for the Intern Certificate…

BEFORE October 1, 2020 =  TExES content exam NOT REQUIRED

AFTER October 1, 2020 =  TExES content exam REQUIRED

Keep the Good News Coming

Candidates seeking their Intern Certificate are not the only individuals who benefit from Governor Abbott’s waiver! As many of our classrooms have undergone a virtual transition, classroom teacher training is following suit. Governor Abbott will permit districts to virtually employ teachers for the 2020-2021 school year, allowing teachers to complete their classroom training in a virtual setting. This applies to teachers who are:

  • completing a Traditional Teaching Internship
  • admitted into a Clinical Teaching program

Again, this is a  limited-time opportunity, so make sure to take advantage of it. Texas Teachers is dedicated to helping you make it to the classroom and achieve your dream of teaching!

TOT000216 Blog FAQ

Common Questions from Candidates

What is the TExES content exam?

The TExES content exam is a specific content test that a teacher must take in order to teach a particular subject in Texas. The TExES content exam measures an individual’s eligibility to become a teacher based on a set of criteria versus being compared to peers. Each teacher in Texas must pass the content test as a way to

When does the TExES content exam waiver begin?
As of Monday, June 8, 2020 (6/8), candidates are no longer required to pass their TExES content exam before receiving their Intern Certificate for the Fall 2020 semester.

Who is affected by this change?
Only candidates who have not already been hired, and are not currently on an Intern or Probationary Certificate, are affected by this new update.

Do I need to pass my TExES content exam to get hired?
No, you do not! Currently, the only thing you need to do in order to get hired is to obtain your Statement of Eligibility (SOE). To obtain your SOE, you must complete your required online Pre-Service Training Modules and your 30 Field-Based Experience hours.

Can I complete all my FBE hours and my Pre-Service Training Modules online?
Yes! All requirements may now be completed 100% online (you may find everything under the “Training Progress” page in your Intern Portal). Check out this blog post for online study tips and resources. 

Will I ever be required to take my TExES content exam?
Yes, eventually. While it is not a requirement to get hired, you are required to take your TExES content exam by the end of your internship year and before you will receive approval for the PPR exam. It is highly recommended that you secure a testing date as soon as possible because you will not be approved for the PPR exam (taken during your intern year), unless your TExES content exam is passed.

What to expect on the Texas English content exam?

Taking the Texas English content exam may seem daunting to begin with, but there’s no reason to worry. The TExES content tests are standardized exams mandated by the State Board for Education Certification (SBEC). Because they measure teaching readiness, skills, and specific subject matter expertise, studying and preparation is a must. They should be taken by those who are enrolled in or have completed an educator preparation program (EPP). While this may seem like a lot of work, once completed and passed, these content tests qualify Texas teachers for certification in more than 60 teaching specialties!

How hard is the content exam for Texas teachers?

Those who have spent time preparing for the Texas content exam should not find the test difficult. Not only are there many studying resources for the content test, but there are also sample questions to help individuals prepare and have an idea of what to expect.

What is the passing score for the content exam in Texas?

The passing score for the Texas content exam is at least 240 points out of a maximum of 300 points. The scoring is based on the number of correct answers and no response is marked as incorrect. The question formats on the content test can vary, and the exam structure differs depending on the subject. 

How long is the Texas content exam?

Similar to how the exam structure differs depending on the subject, the exam duration also depends on the subject. For example, English and Mathematics can take less than two hours, while Social Studies and Science can take 50 minutes. It’s good to practice answering questions within the time frame of the Texas content exam you are taking. 

If you don’t pass your content test to become a texas teacher, when can you take the exam again?

If you don’t pass your Texas content test to become a teacher, you can take the exam again after 30 days have passed. You are allowed to retake the Texas content test up to four more times if you don’t pass your initial attempt. If you want to take the content test more times than this, you must receive a waiver from Texas. 

 What is the hardest Texas content exam?

In order to pass any of Texas content exams, it’s important that you take time to prepare. There are many online resources and sample questions that can help make sure you feel confident going into the content exam. Additionally, Texas content exams are not as difficult as EC 6 exams. EC 6 exams are required for teachers in elementary schools and are made up of 5 subtests and 210 multiple-choice questions. 

Should I still take the TExES content exam now?
Yes, absolutely! If you’ve been studying and preparing, we highly recommend taking the exam. It will eventually be required, and passing it now will boost your employability. School districts may actively seek candidates who already have their exam passed.

Should I complete my FBEs and Pre-Service Training Modules before searching for a job?
Yes, nothing else has changed. To earn your Statement of Eligibility and get hired, the TEA still requires you to complete your online Pre-Service Training Modules and your 30 Field-Based Experience hours.

What should I complete first – my FBEs or my Pre-Service Training Modules?
You can complete these in any order. We recommend working on both at the same time.

What are my Pre-Service Training Modules?
The Pre-Service Training Modules are all the modules in your intern portal that are labeled “Required” and the electives the with **. The other electives can be completed at a later time.

Do I have to complete my Project or my Elective Training Modules to get my SOE?
Yes and No. You will need to complete the Electives with ** to get access to be eligible for your SOE. All other Elective and Project Training Modules are not required at this time.

When should I start searching for a job?
After you complete your FBEs and Pre-Service Training Modules, you may receive your Statement of Eligibility (SOE). We recommend searching for a job after you have obtained your SOE.

What is the Statement of Eligibility (SOE)?
Your SOE is a document that informs schools you are eligible for hire.

How do I get my Statement of Eligibility (SOE)?
Your SOE will auto-populate in your Intern Portal and be available for download once all Pre-Service Requirements are completed.

How long does it take to get my Statement of Eligibility (SOE)?
It normally takes between 3-5 business days to receive your SOE, after you have requested it.

How do I apply for an Intern Certificate?
You must apply and pay for the Intern Certification in your TEAL account. Make sure to select A+ Texas Teachers as the recommending entity.

What happens if I am not recommended for my Intern Certificate before October 1, 2020?
If you earn your Intern Certificate after October 1, 2020, you will be required to pass the TExES content exam and possibly complete all pre-service courses and FBE hours before getting hired.

What happens if I do not get a job before October 1, 2020?
If you are not hired before October 1, 2020, you will be required to pass the TExES content exam and possibly complete all pre-service courses and FBE hours before getting hired.

Is the PACT exam also waived?
Unfortunately, no. The PACT exam is still required for admission if required.

Should I take the PACT exam if I want to pursue a subject area that requires it, even if I have a 2.5+ GPA? 
Please email Enroll@TexasTeachers.org to discuss possibly switching to another content area.

What is your Enrollment Letter?
You would normally gain access to your Enrollment Letter in your Intern Portal once you demonstrate Subject Matter Knowledge by passing your TExES content exam(s). With this waiver, the Enrollment Letter and Statement of Eligibility (SOE) will both be available in your Intern Portal once eligible.

Do I need an Enrollment Letter to get hired?
In most cases, you do not, however, it may be requested and/or required by your district. Your  Statement of Eligibility (SOE) is your ticket to get hired. To learn more about the new TExES content exam waiver and your Statement or Eligibility requirements, please visit the TEA website.

I’m already teaching on my Intern Certificate, but want to pursue a new subject area; does this update apply to me?
You are not eligible for this test waiver. If you want to pursue a new subject area, you could possibly be eligible to change certification areas but you must contact a Program Advisor to discuss potential approval and additional fees. It is highly advised that you finish your Internship Year and earn your Standard Certificate before pursuing a new subject area.