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Texas Teachers is committed to developing the highest quality educators who positively impact our schools and communities. Our dedication to helping people begin their new teaching careers has made us the most trusted and effective certification program in the nation. Without our phenomenal candidates continually raising the bar, our program wouldn’t be possible. To date, over 70,000 teachers have become certified through the Texas Teachers program. Our nationally accredited program is the largest online teacher certification program, and our mission is to help create outstanding teachers all students deserve. It’s important to highlight the reason why we continue doing what we do—it’s because of YOU. Our phenomenal candidates continually astound us, and we love helping them!

We love hearing feedback from our candidates as they navigate through all stages of the program. It’s important that we provide support throughout each candidate’s journey from start to finish.


Applying to the Texas Teachers program is the first step on the path to becoming a teacher. The process is simple, our free online application can take less than 60 seconds to complete! The Texas Teachers program allows for flexible, online training that can be accessed from anywhere. Every child deserves a great teacher, and it’s important that we support candidates from the very beginning.

Hear What Cin Says About Our Application Process (Texas Teachers’ Review):

I am having an amazing experience getting my application processed to begin the program. The advisors have been super kind empathetic and professional. – Cin Ma


Once, the application has been submitted and approved, the enrollment process begins. To ensure you stay on track, we are here to help with every step. Candidates submit their transcripts, and once approved, they will receive an admittance letter into the program. Candidates pay the enrollment fee online, which provides them access to the online Intern portal to get started.

Hear What Megan Says About Our Enrollment Process (Texas Teachers’ Review):

“I highly recommend enrolling in Texas Teachers! The enrollment process is easy. After sending my application and transcripts, it only took four days to register! I am now enrolled in the Texas Teachers Alternative certification program and one step further to achieving my goal of becoming a teacher. Thank you, Texas Teachers!” – Megan Bet


Texas Teachers of Tomorrow provides everything you need to become a successful Texas certified teacher. We provide effective and valuable resources to offer the best chance for employment. Once you are admitted into the Texas Teachers program, you will have exclusive access to additional resources ranging from test preparation tools and videos to crafting a great teaching resume.

Hear What Mark Says About Our Resources (Texas Teachers’ Review):

“Texas Teachers of Tomorrow was recommended to me by the district and I could not be happier. The entire process has been seamless. I love the self paced aspect of the course work. The webinars were very helpful in preparing my resume, and subsequently get hired. The content and PPR prep courses were also very helpful – I passed both exams first try. I am finishing up my intern year later this fall and could not be more pleased with the entire Texas Teachers program.” – Mark Wallace 


Taking that first step is always the hardest but you certainly won’t regret it. We are excited to get you started on your path to becoming a certified teacher in Texas. Your feedback is important to us, and we are thrilled to provide help to numerous individuals at any stage within the program. We would love to hear from you. Don’t be afraid to contact us – that’s what we’re here for!

Hear What Amy Says About Our Support (Texas Teachers’ Review):

“My advisor, Jennifer Hart, is the best!!!!!!!!! Throughout the Texas Teachers program she was ALWAYS there for me. She enhanced the wonderful education I received from Texas Teachers. Going through Texas Teachers was a great choice for me. I’m so happy I did this. Now I’m a certified SPED teacher with a terrific education. Jennifer Hart, thank you for your feedback, coaching, and advice. Having you as my advisor was the icing on the cake” – Amy Helmke

We’re here to help! Start your journey to become a teacher today. Wherever you may need extra support, you’re guaranteed to find additional help from our advisors. Texas Teachers is here to support your journey from start to finish.

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