As hiring trends soar, the largest program in the state has once again broken its own record

Texas Teachers achieved record-breaking hiring in 2013 with over 4,500 new teachers placed in the classroom. This number breaks the program’s previous record of 3,300 which was obtained in pre-recession years. This new achievement indicates that the education industry in Texas has not only rebounded, but is in a stronger position than ever before.

Texas Teachers continues to be the state’s leading source of new teachers.  Texas Teachers is larger than the next dozen largest programs combined and has placed over 25,000 teachers across most of the state’s  districts, charter schools, and private schools.  All indications show the strong hiring trend will continue indefinitely as a result of massive population growth and the booming Texas economy.  The Texas population is expected to double by 2050. Currently over 85,000 new students are admitted into Texas schools each year.

Next year, Texas Teachers expects to break their record once again with 5,000 new teachers hired.  At this milestone, the company will be close to producing half of all alternative route new teachers.

“Texas is a big state with a diverse mix of people and strong growth that has created a unique opportunity for people to make a difference through becoming a teacher. We’re proud to have such a large role in helping to staff the state’s classrooms. It’s an honor to have the confidence of so many people and institutions in education across this state. We are committed to working hard every day to keep providing the highest level of service possible to all our customers and stakeholders,” said Stephaney Kennedy, Executive Director of Texas Teachers.