Want a free texas teacher candidate list to help fill your school’s current or future vacancies? Let us help!

Texas Teachers of Tomorrow is the state’s largest and most trusted certification program – we have certified more than 55,000 new teachers statewide since our founding in 2005. We are proud to offer THE • LIST to hiring principals and HR administrators in Texas, giving you direct access to the state’s largest candidate pool.

Anytime you have a vacancy, email us or call 877-342-1202, and we will send you over a FREE, updated list of candidates that have passed the necessary state exams. With year-round enrollment, we always have new candidates across the state that are seeking their first teaching position.

What is THE • LIST?

  • Candidates who have demonstrated subject matter knowledge and are ready for immediate hire
  • 50+ certification areas offered, including CTE and T&I, across all grade levels
  • 87% principal satisfaction with candidate preparedness for the classroom

Why Texas Teachers?

  • THE • LIST is always free for principals and district HR administrators
  • Our candidates receive professional in-classroom support during their first year
  • Texas Teachers: 72% retention rate after 5 years, well above the national average of only 50%

Bottom line, we want to make sure to always have great candidates for all certification areas, in all areas of the state. So request your free Texas teacher candidate list as often as necessary, and we’ll be ready to help staff your vacancies. We look forward to working with you!

Jonathan Schneider, Director of Business Development

jonathan schneider