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Your next steps to Get Hired

Now Is the Time to GET HIRED 

Our new Get Hired initiative is to get more teachers into schools this year. If you have a 4-year bachelor’s degree with a 2.5 GPA or higher, and are committed to making a difference in the lives of students, then this program is for you. There is a real shortage of teachers in this country and together we can help solve it!

How It Works!

  • Enroll today by submitting your free application and send us your official transcripts.
  • Become Eligible at your own pace by completing your testing and training.
  • Teach for one academic year with full pay and benefits.
  • Fully Certification upon successful completion of all program requirements.

For additional details about our online program, visit the How It Works web-page!

1. Apply Today

If you haven’t already, submit your application. The longer you wait to apply, the harder it will be for you to get hired. The BEST WAY to get hired is to commit to a HIGH-NEED subject area. Click here to read more about selecting a marketable subject area. A Program Advisor will call you to conduct a phone interview and assist you in choosing the area(s) that best match your skills and interests.

Apply Now

2. Official Transcripts

Send your official transcripts to Texas Teachers either by mail or by eSCRIP-SAFE (if your institution uses the service) as soon as you submit your application. We are required by law to have your official transcripts to verify eligibility for our program. We are not able to consider you for enrollment without your official transcripts!

Check your email for receipt of your Offer of Admission. After accepting your admission offer, pay your enrollment fee right away so you can get started on your training. You should receive a Canvas training login in your email.

3. Begin Training

Start your training right away. Once your enrollment fee is paid, you will receive immediate access to everything you need to get hired in the classroom. Log into your Intern Portal and begin the Preparing for the Profession module to get started. Your training and Field Based Experience hours are known as your Pre-Service requirements. Use the What’s Next checklist in your Intern Portal to keep track of your progress.

  • Complete all Pre-Service Online Training Courses marked required
  • Complete one of the following courses: Reading for Secondary Teacher or Reading for Elementary Teacher marked with a double asterisk (ex. **Reading for Secondary Teacher OR **Reading for the Elementary Teacher)
  • Complete 30 Field-Based Experience (FBE) Hours

4. Pass Exams

Prepare to pass your certification exam(s). Our Test Prep modules will give you a leg-up on passing your exam(s), and our free study resources give you that extra boost. Register for your exam as soon as possible to make sure you get your desired spot, and use all of our resources to your advantage! Content exams must be passed in order to become eligible for hire.

5. Get Hired

Begin looking for teaching positions immediately after passing your certification exam(s). Expand your search to within an hour commute from your residence to give yourself plenty of options. Remember that once you complete your first year teaching, you will be able to teach anywhere in Texas! Use our job search resources to help you prepare – submit your resume for review, watch our seminar, attend our webinars, follow our guide to preparing your portfolio, and practice interviewing using our sample questions.

6. Start Teaching

Start your first year teaching with full support. Once you are hired, you will begin teaching with full pay, full benefits, and full support. You receive guidance from your Texas Teachers Field Supervisor, an experienced educator who will visit your classroom 5 times throughout the year and is always on-call to answer your questions. Click here to learn more about the requirements during your Internship Year.


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