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What All Future Teachers Should Look for When Choosing the Best Texas Alternative Teacher Certification Program

Texas is a great state to become a school teacher. Those aspiring to become teachers must obtain a Texas teacher certification to teach in Texas public schools. All certification providers in the state must adhere to the Texas Education Department (TEA) regulations.

The TEA recently revealed that school districts have hired more candidates from the Texas Teachers of Tomorrow alternative teacher certification program than any other teacher certification program in Texas.

Why is this? After delving into Texas Teachers program standards, the answer is clear. Join us in discovering the six prominent reasons why Texas Teachers is the nation’s leading alternative certification program.


National Accreditation

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Texas Teachers of Tomorrow is the first and only non-university to earn national accreditation through the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). AAQEP is a membership association and quality assurance agency that provides accreditation services and formative support to all types of educator preparation providers, both private and public, such as university systems. AAQEP accreditation serves the twin aims of quality assurance and continuous improvement through a process that is formative, collegial, and contextual.


Although AAQEP accreditation is not a requirement, it vouches for the integrity of the Texas Teachers program as it speaks to the quality of education provided to program completers. By imposing a set of quality assurance standards, Texas Teachers of Tomorrow can affirm that educators who earn teacher certification through our program are prepared with the requisite skills to successfully enter the teaching profession. Our accreditation through AAQEP provides assurance that our program is rigorous and engaging, and meets the quality assurance standards set by the accrediting body.  To read more about our accreditation, please click here.

No Upfront Program Costs

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Texas Teachers of Tomorrow makes the path to teacher certification simple, affordable, and achievable. It is highly probable that one can become a teacher in Texas this school year without paying steep, upfront costs. Finally, a program exists where one can invest in their future career as a teacher without going taking out student loans! Texas Teachers support its candidates throughout the entire program and provides several resources to help candidates land their dream job. With over 70,000 hired teachers from Texas Teachers, we have full confidence in our program! Our continued success is what allows us to eliminate monthly enrollment payments or high, one-time investments, unlike most other ACPs or universities. In fact, once enrolled, no program fees are due until candidates are hired a full-time teacher, earning full pay and benefits! 

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100% Online and Self-Paced

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Did you know that our certification program pre-service training is 100% online and self-paced? Ahead of the curve, we set out on a mission in 2005 to create a teacher certification program that was designed to fit the needs of everyone. Our program is flexible enough to help those with even the busiest, most unpredictable schedules succeed. With no due dates, deadlines, or monthly enrollment payments, we’ve created a streamlined program that will undoubtedly help teachers reach the classroom. Unlike universities, our application is free and we have rolling admissions throughout the year, which means you can get started when the right time arrives. Getting started takes less than 60 seconds. Click here to gain access to a free online application.

Preparing and Training for the Classroom

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Over the past 16 years, Texas Teachers has steadily risen as an industry leader and is now the largest teacher alternative certification provider in the nation and proudly serves future teachers and districts across the entire state. Texas Teachers of Tomorrow is known as the top alternative teaching certification program in Texas because we deliver a solid foundation of proven teaching skills and strategies necessary for teachers to feel confident in their very own classroom. As first-time teachers prepare for the classroom, our renowned curriculum teaches about pedagogy, classroom management, teaching strategies, and much more. In addition to our top-tier teacher training, our knowledgeable team of advisors is dedicated to walking you through the certification process step-by-step. To learn more about how to become a prepared teacher in Texas, please click here.

University Partners

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Our support extends well beyond the classroom. We vow to help support our alumni and encourage them to continue their education after completing our program. Texas Teachers of Tomorrow’s curriculum is not only nationally accredited but is recognized by reputable universities. We partner with Grand Canyon University and Western Governor University to provide all certified Texas Teachers master’s level credit should they wish to transfer their Texas Teachers’ coursework in pursuance of a Master’s in Education.

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Get Certified and Start Teaching This Year!

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The ease and flexibility of our program makes it possible to begin teaching this year. With thousands of open teaching positions, now is the best time to get started. Earn your Texas teaching certification with Texas Teachers of Tomorrow. Our team is dedicated to helping people begin their new teaching careers. Changing tomorrow starts with today. Future generations are in need of qualified teachers to help lead the way. Those with a passion to leave a lasting impression on our world are called to teach. Help us make a difference and choose to teach. 

Want to start teaching this year? Get started today and start teaching in a few short months. Click here to read more about our online teacher certification process.


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