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Texas Teacher Tests

State Exams (TExES, PPR, STR), Registration, Resources & Discounts

Required State Exams

Learn more about required state exams. We encourage you to register early for exams to ensure you secure an appointment. As you wait for your testing date to arrive, avail of our resources and test prep discounts to help you prepare.

TExES Content Exam

As required by the Texas Education Agency, each teacher candidate must pass a subject-specific certification exam to demonstrate subject matter knowledge. Content Exams are administered through Pearson.

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Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Exam

Once hired on your Intern Certificate, all candidates are required to take the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam in order to become fully certified and receive their Standard Certificate. We strongly recommend using a preparation tool in conjunction with our required PPR online test review and practice exam.

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Science of Teaching Reading Exam

As of January 1, 2021, all teachers in the state of Texas are required to pass the Science of Teaching Reading (STR) exam if you are seeking certification in one or multiple of the following subject areas listed below. Texas Teachers will provide you immediate access to our comprehensive online STR review coursework, once you enroll in the program.

Candidates pursuing certification in the following must take the STR exam:
– Core Subjects 4-8,
– Core Subjects EC-6,
– English Language Arts and Reading 4-8; and/or
– English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies 4-8.

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Exam Registration

Get Admitted Into The Program

Texas Teachers must have your completed application, official transcripts, enrollment fee, and personal information, including:
• Legal Name
• Social Security Number
• Date of Birth
• E-mail Address
• Test(s) you are interested in taking

Note: If you do not have a U.S. Social Security number, we will issue you a temporary PIN number to use in place of it.

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Setup your TEAL Account

You must create an account with the Texas Education Agency. Follow these important set up instructions. Select “Candidate Participating in Educator Preparation Program” under “Application Applying For.” Once you have set up the account, you will immediately be able to confirm your TEA ID number.

Note: We recommend applying for your Intern Certificate once you are ready to begin your teaching job search. See the Job Search section of our FAQ page for more information.

Setup Your TEA AccountInstructions from the TEA

Setup Your Pearson Account

You must also set up a different account with Pearson. This will allow you to access the testing site and register for test(s). You will need your TEA ID number. Effective September 1, 2018, Pearson has replaced ETS as the testing vendor for the state.

Note: You will be unable to register for a test unless Texas Teachers has given you approval in advance.

Setup Your Pearson AccountInstructions from Pearson

Problems with Registration

If you have trouble registering, or if the error message says your information does not match, we’ll need to confirm the following.
• Date of Birth
• Social Security Number
• E-mail Address
• Legal Name

Note: The information you give the state in the above fields must match exactly what you give us. If the information does not match, you will not be able to register for any tests.

If the test you are registering for does not appear for selection, you will need to contact Texas Teachers to check what tests you have been approved to take. If the test date you want does not appear for the certification exam you have selected, then that location is full and you will need to choose another location or date.

Exam Registration

Texas Teachers Test Prep Coursework

Texas Teachers has developed individual modules within our online training to help you prepare for each test. Our innovative test preparation coursework offers a comprehensive review of all concepts covered on the test, and is designed to be utilized in conjunction with the other study materials listed here. Call (877) 888-2640 or email to request that your test prep module be added to your Canvas account.

Online Study Community

Our Online Study Community is a great starting point for exploring test tips and strategies. The forum offers insight into what the actual exam is like and proven study strategies from other teachers in our program.

Online Study Community

State Preparation Materials

Pearson, the company that administrates the TExES exams, provides TExES Exam preparation materials that include free study tips and preparation manuals, which contain the competencies to be tested and sample questions. Interactive practice exams with scoring feedback are also available for $10 each.

Leading Professional Resources

Learning Liaisons TExES Test Resources (recommended / discount below)
Pearson TExES Preparation Manuals
Pearson Interactive Practice Tests ($10 each)
TExES Exam Prep (one-on-one tutoring service)
Pass The TExES
TExES Flash Card Secrets Study Guide
TExES Secret Study Guides
Quizlet (free resource)

The Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Exam

The Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam is only taken once you are hired in the classroom. Study resources for the PPR Exam can be found in our resources related to Your Internship Year.

The Learning Liaisons Test Prep (25% off Discount Code) is offering an exclusive 25% discount code for Texas Teachers of Tomorrow candidates. This discount code can be applied to all TeXes test prep courses.

Please use the promo code: TTTX25


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