Getting Started

Every Texas Teacher will be required to pass an exam at some point in order to fulfill state requirements. The test you take will depend on which certification area you will pursue (excluding the state test which is required by all teachers during their first year). You’ll eventually register to take your exams with the testing vendor, Pearson.

Setting Up Your Accounts

Once you’re enrolled with Texas Teachers, we’ll send you an email with instructions to help you create and set up your Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Pearson accounts. In your TEA account, you will see you when you are approved to take exams and review your exam scores after you’ve taken them. You can register to take approved exams in your Pearson account. On the Pearson site, you can also find detailed information about exams and free test preparation.

Receiving Exam Approval

Before you can register to take an exam, you will first need approval from Texas Teachers. We offer over 50 different certification areas to provide you with as many options as possible. To receive exam approval, there are a few details (which are required by the state of Texas) we’ll need:

  • Legal Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Test(s) Name & Code

To help get you started, here is a list of all of the test names and codes we certify:

Exam Name Code PACT?
What’s This?
 Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources 272 YES
 American Sign Language (ASL) 184 YES
 Art EC–12 178 YES
 Bilingual Education Supplemental 164 YES
 Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test 190 YES
 Business and Finance 6–12 276 YES
 Chemistry 7–12 240 YES
 Computer Science 8–12 241 YES
 Core Subjects EC-6 291 YES
 Core Subjects 4–8 211 YES
 Dance 6–12 276 YES
 English as a Second Language Supplemental 154 YES
 English Language Arts and Reading 4–8 117 YES
 English Language Arts and Reading 7-12 231 YES
 English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies 4-8 113 YES
 Family and Consumer Sciences EC 6-12 200 YES
 Health EC-12 157 NO
 Health Science 6-12 273 YES
 History 7-12 233 YES
 Journalism 7-12 256 YES
 Language Other Than English (LOTE) Arabic EC-12 600 & 605 YES
 Language Other Than English (LOTE) French EC-12 610 YES
 Language Other Than English (LOTE) German EC-12 611 YES
 Language Other Than English (LOTE) Latin EC-12 612 YES
 Language Other Than English (LOTE) Japenese EC-12 602 & 607 YES
 Language Other Than English (LOTE) Mandarin Chinese EC-12 601 & 606 YES
 Language Other Than English (LOTE) Russian EC-12 603 & 608 YES
 Language Other Than English (LOTE) Spanish EC-12 613 YES
 Language Other Than English (LOTE) Vietnamese EC-12 601 & 609 YES
 Life Science 7-12 238 YES
 Marketing 6-12 275 NO
 Mathematics 4-8 115 YES
 Mathematics/Physical Science/Engineering 6-12 274 YES
 Mathematics/Science 4-8 114 YES
 Music EC-12 177 YES
 Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-12* 160 NO
Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities for Trade and Industrial Education* 270 NO
 Physical Education EC-12 158 YES
 Physical Sciences 6-12 237 YES
 Physics/Mathematics 7–12 243 YES
 Science 4–8 116 YES
 Science 7–12 118 YES
 Social Studies 4-8 232 YES
 Social Studies 7-12 129 YES
 Special Education EC-12 161 YES
 Speech 7-12 129 YES
 Technology Applications EC-12 242 YES
 Technology Education 6-12 171 YES
 Texas Assessment of Sign Communication: American Sign Language (TASC-ASL) 073 YES
 Theatre EC-12 180 YES
 Trade and Industrial N/A YES


*The Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam is not a certification area; this is the state exam all educators are required to take during their first year teaching. Click here to learn more.