After tallying over 11,000 votes, we are thrilled to announce Shanekia Hall of Spring ISD in Houston, TX, as the winner of our 2022 Teacher of the Year contest and $5,000 grand prize!


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Kindergarten General Education
Spring ISD

Q: What motivated you to select the teaching profession?
A: I decided to become a teacher because of my personal experience growing up. I lost both parents at a very young age; during this time, my 4th-6th grade teachers played a very influential and impactful role in my life. They went over and beyond, ensuring that my challenges did not overcome my potential to be a success in life. Their impact has left a significant mark on my heart in which I wanted to pay that forward to children who may need one person who will support them through their educational journey. I was that child who needed support when I lost both my parents and since then, it has always been my desire and passion to be in a field that would allow me to make a difference in the lives of children


Q: What is your favorite part about being a teacher?
A: Building relationships with parents and students from the very first day of school has been one of my favorite part of being a teacher. I believe it takes a strong village to navigate this teaching world; hence, a clear line of communication between parents and teachers sets the tone for student engagement, academic improvement, and social/emotional and behavioral development. For example, there was a student who approached me at the end of the school day to suddenly share that “she was happy that I am her teacher because I am her mother at school, and she knows that I will always be there for her.” She also shared the same sentiments to her grandmother who reached out to me to let me know.


Q: What is the most impactful moment you have experienced as an educator?
A: The most impactful moment I have experienced as a teacher has been witnessing the growth of my students. When my students enter the classroom on the first day, I get the opportunity to build relationships with them, watch their holistic growth, development, and improvement as time progress, and celebrate their milestones; it gives me a sense of joy.


Q: What is one important lesson you hope your students take with them when they leave your classroom?
A: One lesson that I hope my students take with them when they transition from my classroom into the next and the world is that they are agents of change. They have the power to advocate for themselves and others and their bold voice, ideas, and skills are necessary in this world.


Q: Why do you deserve to win the 2022 Teacher of the Year award?
A: The thought of simply being a nominee for the award has already solidified that my love and dedication for the profession has not gone unnoticed. To win the award would be an awesome fate in my journey as a teacher. This profession for me is a calling driven by deep passion and the desire to be of a positive influence on all the students and families that I meet.

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