Indiana Teachers

Indiana Emergency Permits Increase

Fort Wayne paper has an article on the increased use of emergency permits for teachers in Indiana without an initial teacher certification. According to the article there were 3,467 emergency …

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Texas Teachers Raises from HB3!

Abbott signed a landmark school finance bill into law on June 11. The new law, known as HB 3, will pump about $6.5 billion in new spending into the state’s …

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Teacher Shortage – 2018: more to come

New Mexico – New Mexico Teacher Shortage Continues: The number of teacher vacancies in the state of New Mexico has grown substantially since last October from 342 to 740, meaning roughly 52,455 students are …

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alternative teacher certification

Where do you want to teach?

In 2005, when Texas Teachers started, we had no idea we would someday be in 8 different states! So where do you want to teach? Reciprocity for teachers is getting …

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nevada teachers

Wanted: Clark County Teachers

We really need more Nevada teachers.  We specifically need more Clark County teachers which reported that they are running behind last years recruiting numbers and still have 540 openings with …

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edTPA Issues in Illinois

The Illinois General Assembly just passed a resolution to ask the Illinois State Board to end the edTPA.  The include a seriously long list of “whereas’s” to outline why the …

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Quick update for Michigan Teachers

Quick update for Michigan Teachers – Senate Bill 727 had a hearing in the Michigan House yesterday and did very well. There was some push-back on the 3.0 cohort GPA …

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Bilingual Teachers Wanted

We have written before on the need for more bilingual teachers but a new article at the 74, Why the Race to Find Bilingual Teachers, clearly demonstrates the critical need. There …

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