We have written before on the need for more bilingual teachers but a new article at the 74, Why the Race to Find Bilingual Teachers, clearly demonstrates the critical need.

There are over 5 million students classified as English language learners (ELL).

That’s one in five students who really should have a bilingual teacher but it is the greatest shortage area – so they are not getting the help they need.

The article does highlight that removing certification barriers is one way to ensure you have a pipeline of qualified bilingual teachers. The second is to recruit from within or “grow your own”.

We have seen this first hand – many paraprofessionals and substitutes from the community have the ability to become great bilingual teachers. We just have to help them get there.

Our goal this month at Teachers of Tomorrow is help make sure that all our schools have enough bilingual teachers – so we are offering a $100 discount on all our programs in all our states.

The need is great – if you are bilingual and have a degree we can help you get a classroom of your own!