The average salary for elementary school teachers varies by industry. Those who work in child day care services have the lowest average salary at $43,950, while those employed by the local government have the highest average salary at $99,420 (source: . This range in salary is affected by factors such as location, relevant work experience, licenses and certifications, and educational credentials.

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It is widely acknowledged that a strong educational foundation is essential for academic success. Elementary school is considered to be the stage where this foundation is established. During this phase, children are introduced to complex concepts in math, science, history, and language. If you aspire to be an elementary school teacher and shape this foundation for students, it is crucial to understand the necessary steps to achieve this goal.

What Is an Elementary School Teacher? 

Elementary school teachers are skilled and dedicated professionals who teach 1st to 4th grade students who are typically between the ages of 5 to 10 years old. Elementary school is a stage where young children begin to develop foundational reading and knowledge skills. It is where elementary students are introduced to writing, history, math, science, language. It is also a phase in their lives where they slowly begin to express themselves more as individuals.

Elementary school teachers play a critical role in this stage of a young child’s life. Here, it becomes their duty to cultivate an interest and love for learning in their students. They also become responsible for nurturing their student’s emotional and social well-being.

To be an effective elementary school teacher is to be skilled at motivating and inspiring young children while also fostering their confidence. They must be passionate, motivated, and knowledgeable in helping middle school students lay the foundations of further learning and development. Finally, they must also be supportive and understanding of their students’ ongoing changes and growth.

To become an elementary school teacher, you will typically need a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. If you have a bachelor’s degree in another subject, you may be able to obtain certification to teach in elementary school by completing a teacher education program.

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elementary school teacher salary national average.

How Much Do Elementary School Teachers Make?

How much an elementary school teacher makes varies by state and the industry they’re in, but on average, elementary school teachers make about $67,080 annually. Depending on the industry, an elementary school teacher’s salary can either be a fixed annual salary or an hourly salary. 

Other factors that can affect this include your years of work experience, any special qualifications or credentials you may have, such as having a major in a key elementary school subject, like math or history, and your educational background. 

Here’s a simple graph to show the lowest and highest ranges for elementary school teacher salaries:


What is the Highest and Lowest Paying Elementary School Job?

By industry, the lowest average salary for elementary school teachers is $43,950 for those who work in child day care services, while the highest average salary hovers around $99,420 for those employed by the local government. 

Here’s a simple chart showing industries offer the highest possible average salary for elementary school teachers:

how much does a elementary school teacher make by industry.


Elementary School Teacher Salaries By State

The salaries we’ve provided so far refer to the average for the entire country and by industry. To give you a better perspective, here’s a table showing the average annual salary by state, arranged from the highest to the lowest:

RankStateAverage Annual Salary
1New York$ 87,700.00
2California$ 86,470.00
3Massachusetts$ 83,790.00
4Washington$ 83,010.00
5Connecticut$ 82,140.00
6Virginia$ 74,920.00
7Oregon$ 73,860.00
8New Jersey$ 73,120.00
9Rhode Island$ 72,510.00
10Maryland$ 71,790.00
11Alaska$ 71,790.00
12Pennsylvania$ 70,200.00
13Ohio$ 67,850.00
14Illinois$ 67,810.00
15Minnesota$ 67,300.00
16Michigan$ 65,760.00
17Delaware$ 64,410.00
18Hawaii$ 64,240.00
19Georgia$ 63,930.00
20Vermont$ 63,520.00
21New Hampshire$ 61,580.00
22Nebraska$ 61,510.00
23Florida$ 61,510.00
24Wyoming$ 61,100.00
25Utah$ 60,300.00
26Wisconsin$ 60,080.00
27Colorado$ 59,270.00
28Nevada$ 59,230.00
29Texas$ 59,210.00
30New Mexico$ 87,700.00
31Maine$ 86,470.00
32Kansas$ 83,790.00
33North Dakota$ 83,010.00
34Iowa$ 82,140.00
35South Carolina$ 74,920.00
36Kentucky$ 73,860.00
37Montana$ 73,120.00
38Tennessee$ 72,510.00
39Missouri$ 71,790.00
40Alabama$ 71,790.00
41Indiana$ 70,200.00
42Oklahoma$ 67,850.00
43Louisiana$ 67,810.00
44Arizona$ 67,300.00
45Idaho$ 65,760.00
46North Carolina$ 64,410.00
47Arkansas$ 64,240.00
48West Virginia$ 63,930.00
49South Dakota$ 63,520.00
50Mississippi$ 61,580.00

Note that elementary school teacher salaries by state are a mix of hourly salaries and annual salaries regardless of hours of work. This makes calculating the data for average hourly salaries by state difficult. 


How To Become a Elementary School Teacher

Elementary school is where strong educational foundations are built. An elementary school teacher plays a critical role in building these foundations. They also play a role in helping their students become capable individuals.

Becoming an elementary school teacher can vary by state, but all will require a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. If your degree is not in elementary education, you may have to complete a teacher education program and obtain a certification to teach in elementary school. 

Some states will also have licensing exams for aspiring elementary school teachers. There are also states that may require a master’s degree in addition to a bachelor’s. In some public elementary schools, having to major in a core elementary subject like history or science may be asked as an additional requirement. 

Learn more about the paths you can take by reaching out to an experienced and accredited organization that provides information and guidance on how to become an elementary school teacher