If you are interested in how to become a history teacher, you should know what the role of a history teacher is in the classroom. History teachers are in charge of teaching students about historical events and lessons. Additionally, classroom discussions may delve into how these historical events may relate to current events. Students in a history class rely on how a history teacher recreates past and current events, as well as, historical biography. Because of this, how to be a good history teacher relies on being a great storyteller. Lastly, just like all other teachers, history teachers may involve technology in their classrooms to help teach students in a more suitable and relevant manner.  

how to become a history teacher.

History Teacher Job Definition

A history teacher job definition consists of leading students in the study of past events across the globe. They should be encouraging students to view the world from many different perspectives, making them more informed individuals. In most schools, history is taught in all grade levels. This can be anywhere from the middle, to high, and to postsecondary levels. Below is a list of the main responsibilities for those interested in how to become a history teacher: 

  • Analyze all prescribed texts and resources to develop quality lesson plans and curricula.
  • Collaborate with fellow teachers and learn from their methods, teaching strategies, and classroom management techniques.
  • Deliver engaging History lessons on different time periods, movements, and other historical events and figures.
  • Grade exams, tests, quizzes, assignments, and presentations, and contact parents and other faculty members to discuss concerns and schedule interventions.
  • Source guest speakers and organize events and educational field trips.
  • Keep up with current events/movements and use these themes to keep historical content relevant.
  • Ensure all curriculum, school, and state requirements are met.
  • Provide extra support to struggling students and additional resources to those who display exceptional interest in History.
  • Use digital technology to improve learning and keep accurate student records.
  • Constantly expand educational networks and participate in workshops, lectures, and other learning opportunities.


How to Become a History Teacher

For those interested in how to become a history teacher, know that the path is very similar across the board for all teachers. However, requirements and timing may vary depending on the grade level that you want to teach. Below is a list of steps you should expect to take for this career path: 

  1. Determine which level you want to teach – This is the first step because teacher certification can be specific to grade. 
  2. Obtain a bachelor’s degree – All teachers who want to teach at public schools in the United States must have a minimum education of having their bachelor’s degree. 
  3. Complete a teacher preparation program – In order to complete and participate in the appropriate education for teachers, you must complete a teacher preparation program. This will ensure that you have covered the proper materials needed to become a teacher. 
  4. Complete an internship – The best way to gain experience and find out if you are fit for a job is through learning firsthand. You can gain some invaluable experience through completing an internship. 
  5. Pass certification tests and apply for your teaching license – Once you have completed all necessary requirements, you are able to take certification tests that are specific to the state you want to teach in. If you pass the certification test, you can apply for your teaching license. 
  6. Consider earning a master’s degree – If you are planning to teach at a community college, you should think about furthering your education and receiving a master’s degree. 
  7. Consider earning a Ph.D. – Similarly to a master’s, if you are wanting to teach at a college or university, you will need to continue your education and earn a Ph. D. 

history teacher skills.

History Teacher Skills

There are a variety of skills a history teacher should have. If you are curious about how to become a history teacher, the below history teacher skills are bound to set you up for success: 

  • Have strong classroom management skills
  • Know how to use instructional materials
  • Share knowledge about different technologies to encourage student learning and build community within the classroom
  • Have integrity
  • Be dependable
  • Have strict attention to detail
  • Be able to exercise analytical thinking skills
  • Have good speaking, writing and reading comprehension, and expression skills,
  • Be an active listener


Salary Expectations & Job Outlook

Some of the biggest factors to consider when looking at becoming a history teacher are salary expectations and job outlook. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for education, training, and library occupations was $52,380. Additionally, because of the national teacher shortage and the need for qualified individuals in education, employment in education, training, and library occupations is projected to grow 10% from 2020 to 2030

how long does it take to become a history teacher.

How Long Does It Takes to Become a History Teacher? 

You may be wondering how long it takes to become a history teacher. First, history teachers will need to get a bachelor’s degree and a teaching license. The process of receiving a bachelor’s degree typically takes around four years. If an individual is wanting to teach more advanced courses to older individuals or wants to teach in higher education, they may be interested in receiving a master’s or doctoral degree. This can take an additional two to three years. If you think this career is fit for you, check out these certification options and start building your history teaching career.