Wow – this quote says it all about the teacher shortage –

“Kirk, who represents the district at several job fairs on college campuses around the state each year, said she remembers a time when dozens of soon-to-be college graduates who were interested in the teaching profession would be lined up at the door, waiting to get into a job fair. Now, she said, she’s lucky to see 10 or 12 students stroll through a job fair in the first couple hours.”

The teacher shortage used to isolated to a few states in the south and west  – but this is Illinois people!! Things are getting rough all over and teaching jobs are vacant everywhere.

“The Illinois licensure process has been a significant hindrance. The licensure requirements are steep, and college students are realizing that teaching isn’t going to pay what other industries pay,” he said. “Besides, no one wants to go into a profession where you’re wrong all the time.”

Yep – time to change the rules and get the talent you need.