We really need more Nevada teachers.  We specifically need more Clark County teachers which reported that they are running behind last years recruiting numbers and still have 540 openings with just two weeks until school starts.  If you are thinking of teaching – Clark County has some great perks to recruit you to teach there.

Specifically there are bonuses available as well as no state income tax and some great benefits. And we have found some great people who are moving through their Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow program so that they can teach in Nevada – over 200 so far!

So how do we help our candidates get hired? We work closely with all Nevada districts to provide them the candidates they need. They specifically reach out to Nevada Teacher candidates to hire them for their schools.

Districts across the country hire more teachers from Teachers of Tomorrow than from any other program. 

So if you want to get hired as a teacher in Clark County Nevada, or any of our 7 states, you came to the right place!