MONTGOMERY, AL – April 27, 2020 – Teachers of Tomorrow announced today that the Alabama State Department of Education approved the organization to pilot a new approach for teacher certification to help school districts fill critical teaching positions.  The new approach will recruit new candidates into teaching and help those candidates earn their Alabama Class B Professional Certificate. The approach is approved to focus on high-need subject area, such as math and science to help districts across the state fill teaching vacancies.

The immediate need for the pilot program is to help those teachers on an emergency certificate move forward with the training to earn their Alabama Class B Professional Certificate. For the 2019-2020 school year, there were over 400 teachers on an emergency certificate in high-need subject areas who could benefit from this new approach.

Teachers of Tomorrow worked closely with the Alabama State Department of Education to ensure the pilot approach met all state teaching requirements and aligned with all state standards. The pilot is designed to last for three years, tracking data on teacher recruitment and quality.

“Nothing can replace the positive impact of a quality teacher in every classroom. Our goal is to make sure every student has an engaged and well-resourced teacher on day one,” Mackey said. “We are exploring innovative ways to make sure excellent teachers are available for deserving students. Creating new avenues into the teaching profession is part of the solution.” – Dr. Eric Mackey, Alabama State Superintendent

Alabama Teachers of Tomorrow officially launches on April 27, 2020 and will begin immediately recruiting teachers and working with teachers on emergency certificates. Those interested must still meet all requirements of Alabama teachers and must submit an application to be accepted into the program.

“Our focus has always been to help districts ensure they have the talent they need for their schools,” said Phillip Braithwaite, CEO of Teachers of Tomorrow. “We are honored to be a part of this new process for Alabama Teachers and begin helping more great people realize their dream of teaching in their own classroom.”

To quickly address the shortage, Teachers of Tomorrow offers candidates access to their first training module, after a one-time low payment of $245, allowing future teachers to get started immediately. has been launched to propel the careers of future Alabama teachers who are transitioning into the classroom from other career paths. The Alabama Teachers team of Advisors has been trained to help guide teacher candidates through the certification process, from start to finish. Alabama will begin taking applications in April and those interested in applying to become a certified teacher in Alabama should complete the information request form.

About Teachers of Tomorrow 

Teachers of Tomorrow is the largest, fastest growing teacher certification provider in the nation, delivering online training to individuals who want to pursue a career in teaching. Teachers of Tomorrow attracts career changers with an average age of 32 into teaching, so they can bring their real-world experiences into the classroom. Teachers of Tomorrow is the second most diverse certification provider in the country with 46% non-white enrollment; and 72% of Teachers of Tomorrow teachers remain in the profession after five years, significantly higher than the national average of only 50%. Over the last 15 years, Texas Teachers has certified more than 60,000 new teachers, and in 2019 the company trained and certified over 7,000 teachers. An independent study revealed that Teachers of Tomorrow graduates see student achievement results equal to teachers coming through university programs. Teachers of Tomorrow is an approved teacher certification provider in Texas, Florida, Nevada, Indiana, South Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina and now Alabama.

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