Online teaching certification

Are you drawn to the idea of teaching but lack the credentials to become a professional educator?  Think about joining an accredited online teaching certification program.

Teachers are some of the most respected occupations in the country; not to mention extremely in demand, too!

If you’re devoted to making a difference in your school district, an online teaching certificate could help you accomplish your career goals.

An alternate certification program is an accelerated way to become a teacher. A solid program combines online education with hand on classroom training to get you teaching in a snap.

What is Online Teaching Certification?

Online teacher certification program (also known as alternative teacher certification) gives you the best of both worlds by delivering a fast, convenient, and less costly way to obtain teacher certification.

Today, alternative certification is extensively used by many school districts including elementary school, secondary school, and special education facilities to meet the skyrocketing demands for quality teachers. Its proven approach has many advantages for career shifters and aspiring teachers.

Signing up for one enables you to become a certified educator without having to complete a 4-year teaching degree education program. The education program is either on 100% online format or combined with face-to-face tutorials. Thus, you get all the opportunities to turn your teaching dream into a reality.

How it Works

Potential educators focusing in elementary education and higher levels are typically required to earn a bachelor’s degree beforehand. Upon successful completion of a bachelor’s degree, the next step is joining an approved alternative certification program based on the state of location.

An online teacher certification program gives you two options:

  1. Full online training – 100% online tutorial, self-paced, maximum flexibility.
  2. Blended training – Changeable blend of flexible face-to-face schedules and online teacher preparation program.

Upon successful completion, collecting required documents such as teaching license and state exams comes next. Following are typical exams for potential teachers:

  • Basic Skills Exam
  • Content Specialty Tests
  • Bilingual Education Assessments
  • Competencies and Skills Exams
  • Certification Exams
  • National Evaluation Series
  • Praxis Series
  • Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educator Tests
  • Praxis Subject Assessments

Note: Examinations for prospective teachers vary per state. We’ve done our due diligence to make the process of obtaining your teacher certification seamless in the states we operate in.

Passing the test and completing all requirements make you eligible for an online teaching certificate.

To take your teaching profession to a whole new level, it’s highly recommended to earn additional credits such as certifications in certain subject areas including science, mathematics, health, physical education, and more.

6 Ways Online Teaching Certification Can Transform Your Professional Development

1.You don’t need a bachelor degree in the area you wish to teach.

The biggest concern faced by potential teachers today is having a degree not related to education. They may have the passion, they may have the drive to influence the youth; but their courses acts as a hindrance.

The beautiful thing about online teacher certification is that you can finally become a professional educator, regardless of the type of bachelor degree you earned from college. Become eligible, pick a subject area of specialization (e.g. special education), and complete the online training and you’re on your way to landing the teaching career of your dreams.

2. You don’t have to quit your day job to get a teaching license.

learn from home

Another huge benefit of online certification is that it accommodates even the most hectic schedules. No matter where you are in the US, you’re capable of using the self-paced online training at your most convenient time.

This means you can still pursue your current day job while working your way to certification. To top everything off, there are no time limits or deadlines if you’re not able to finish the teaching credential on time.

This is in contrast with a traditional certification method, which normally has strict time allotments and tight deadlines for certification prerequisites.

If time and schedule permits, you also have the option of joining a blended training method, which combines online sessions with face-to-face interactions. Like purely-online training, you’d get a hold of flexible opportunities to get certified and complete necessary teaching credential.

The alternative curriculum is designed to enable potential teachers to gain a deeper understanding of the best and most efficient methods of learning. Once admitted, full access to training materials and resources is granted to the enrollee.

3. You won’t have to spend as much as you would in a traditional educator certification program.

The most common challenge of completing an education degree program is the expenses that come with it. With an online educator certification, you’ll only pay a one-time upfront fee. Once hired, we don’t get paid unless you get paid. If you lose your job, you don’t have to pay.

Once paid and admitted, you’d get instant access to a rigorous online coursework. Unlike traditional setting where you have to pay recurring fees each semester, you don’t need to pay anything more until you’re officially hired as a teacher.

4. You’ll improve on time management.

Working on multiple things at a time has an advantage in this scenario.

Because you’re conditioned to land a career in teaching ASAP, you’ll learn how to juggle your daily routine while preparing for your teaching job. Thanks to the availability of “always on” online courses, you’re able to learn at home at your own pace after you’re done with your work day.

And since you determine your own pace in learning, you’ll have more time for your family and other things that matter. In other words, it’s easier to create a balance in your daily routine.

5. You’ll get exclusive support from professionals.

Most online certification providers are backed by a team of education professionals to provide exclusive mentoring and support from training up to the time when you’re starting to practice as a teacher in a normal classroom setting.

A reputable certification provider assigns a field supervisor to guide you in the classroom and all the way to certification as you learn and gain field experience. These people are highly committed to providing personalized service and special attention. With customized strategies and individualized guidance, you’re sure that every detail is well-taken care of and that you’ll make the most out of your time while on the teacher preparation program.

6. You’ll get certified by a proven program.

Each year, more and more candidates are being certified through alternative teacher certification. In Texas, 95% of certified students succeed during their first year in occupation.

Comprehensive programs such as those offered by Teachers of Tomorrow has the hundreds professional staff for guidance, a personalized education plan for evaluating individual progress, and all the necessary documentations, resources, and guidelines to help you during your training and quest for a suitable teaching career.

Alternatively Certified vs. Traditionally Certified teachers

The data shown above portrays how alternatively certified teachers are keeping up with the figures reported for traditionally certified individuals.

Jumpstart Your Teaching Career

Teaching is one of the most well-admired jobs in the world. With deep passion and constant love for sharing your knowledge, anyone can make a difference and positively influence leaders and movers in the generations to come. The good news is, you can become one by shedding only a fraction of the time and spendings.

Gear yourself up with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications required in teaching. Sign up for a program that delivers the best practices and exceptional teaching strategies for more effective classroom management, student achievement monitoring, and teaching experience in general.

Figure out the importance of inclusive education towards becoming certified educator. Discover the difference and other transformative opportunities you can possibly make from interacting with fellow educators and students.

With an online teacher education program, you can experience affordable fees and friendly and customized support from resident professionals while getting your field experience. Receive full salary and complete benefits as soon as you start teaching. There’s also plenty of room for professional development once you acquired a professional educator license; more so if you’re a master degree holder.

For more information, ask about available online teaching certification programs in your state today.

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