Clark County’s new superintendent of schools, Jesus Jara, has promised that all classrooms will be staffed by a qualified teacher next school year.  That is a lofty goal for a state and school district that has faced significant teacher shortages in recent years. Teach Clark County will help!

Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow has been able to recruit over 200 new teacher candidates into the program that can help the shortage next year. We are working very closely with CCSD to ensure they have the talent they need so that there are no vacant classrooms at the start of school.

But we need more teachers – if you know someone who lives in Las Vegas and wants to teach there make sure they go to our Teach in Clark County page and get started – it is not too late to help Superintendent Jara meet his goal of every classroom staffed by a qualified teacher.  And if you ever thought of moving to Vegas to teach – it is a really great time to start.

We are with you Clark County – we will do all we can to make sure your classrooms are covered next year!