From the latest NCES Survey of Principals and Teacher survey comes the characteristics of today’s K-12 teachers.  It is interesting in the lack of diversity in teaching and the continued shift towards teachers with less experience.

First – let’s note that there are now over 3.8 million teachers in our schools today – that is a lot of people.  Since we know that 8% leave the profession each year, that means we now have to hire over 304,000 new hires per year. A school district HR person asked me – “Are there any other businesses in this area that have to hire this many skilled people every year” – answer – no

  • 80% of all public school teachers are white – compared to Teachers of Tomorrow who are only 54% white.
  • 77% of  are female – compared to 65% of our teachers who are female

The average teacher reports working an average of 53 hours per week to get everything done for their students.

The average base salary was $55,100

As far as training:

  • 79% has any courses in lesson planning
  • 76% had courses in learning assessment
  • 74% had courses in classroom management
  • 70% had courses on working with special needs students
  • 64% had courses on working with students from diverse backgrounds
  • 53% on using student performance data to inform instruction
  • 38% had courses on working with English Language Learners ELL

Teachers of Tomorrow educator preparation includes courses in ALL of the above to help our teachers be successful in the classroom.