A quick summary of the teacher shortage issue from our twitter feed @altcertprogram

  • New York students in teacher programs drops 46% last 5 years-regents trying to fix certification system: http://goo.gl/Fyq7qk 
  • Kern County CA is looking for 600 teachers for the next school year due to extreme #teachershortage http://goo.gl/oOSQ4X 
  • Gap in need versus supply of teachers in South Carolina is 2,000 per year-rural areas hit hard http://goo.gl/R0GXyt 
  • Thousands of students will have to go to summer school because Philly is short 100 teachers this year and students didn’t learn from long term subs http://goo.gl/bFm5mJ 
  • LAUSD asks for state help on teacher shortages. Provisional or short term emergency licenses issued up from 850 to 2400 in 2 yrs http://goo.gl/xHs7JI 
  • Detroit students not ready for high school because they don’t have a middle school math teacher http://goo.gl/jSkfwK
  • North Carolina hit by increased teacher retirements & 20% in Ed School majors creating critical #teachershortage http://goo.gl/GuZHPG 
  • Shift in Georgia teacher production – 50% used to come from College of Education – now it is down to 27.5% http://goo.gl/c5uKBj 
  • Florida teacher retirements through DROP causing more teacher shortages – 212 retirements in Tampa this year http://goo.gl/ydY0Gi  #edchat
  • Arizona went local, state & country wide to find teachers. Now going international-they need help http://goo.gl/9nTmyQ 
  • Indiana #teachershortage due to 30% drop in College of Ed enrollments – state making moves but will it help? http://goo.gl/yj0gyb 
  • Only so many teachers to go around so Dallas is poaching teachers from Oklahoma – it is only going to get worse: http://goo.gl/xAeqW7 


There are literally 4-5 articles per day on teacher shortages –keep coming back if you want to hear the latest!