Donors Choose has a site set up ready to help those teachers affected by Hurricane Florence. So much help poured into Texas – we know many will want to return the favor. Since we are working with potential new North Carolina Teachers – we definitely want to help.

From the Donors Choose Website – has created a recovery fund to help teachers at impacted schools create projects for the disaster recovery materials they need in the coming weeks. Every dollar donated at will be used to fund a classroom project in a school affected by Florence.

Reporting Damaged Schools

After the storm, if you know of a public school that has sustained severe damage, please submit a report to our team.

We’ve confirmed early reports of damage at the following schools, and will continue to update as we receive new information:

  • Lumberton High School, Robeson County, NC
  • White Oak High School, Onslow County, NC
  • Topsail Elementary School, Pender County, NC
  • Midway Elementary School, Davidson County, NC

UPDATE:  I was asked why teachers might need help. It is fairly simple. A flooded school means all the school supplies a teacher has purchased over the years are now gone.  A careers worth of lesson plans are gone. Since most of these were paid for by the teacher out of his/her own pocket – without help, how can they be replaced. At the same time, students affected by Hurricane Florence just want something normal  – and school usually provides that normalcy.

Helping teachers quickly create a great learning and safe place for their students is what we need to do through DonorsChoose.