Been a crazy week for teacher shortages in the US. A summary of the articles that came out in the last few days are below:

  • New York – used to have a large pool to choose from but no more. The article says it is the improved economy offering more employment choices that has affected the numbers going into teaching
  • Guam has 140 openings right now and now way to close the gap!
  • California schools are moving around the steps and ladders of the salary scale in hopes of poaching veteran teachers from their district neighbors and Marin County is feeling the teacher shortage in spite of offering bonuses for hiring
  • Utah has opened up certification routes so that districts can certify and train their own teachers now – inciting protests from teacher organizations
  • Nevada – Washoe County still needs 100 teachers for the new school year and having a hard time finding them.
  • Arizona – Tuscon is attempting to increase property taxes to give teachers a 2.5% raise to help solve the teacher shortage
  • Oklahoma – Governor proposes special session to give teachers pay raises to ease teacher shortage and Superintendent Hoffmeister also comments on growing class sizes due to the teacher shortage.

While some might want to deny there is a teacher shortage – we really are facing one of the most critical shortages in talent in a long time.  It will take a lot of work to fix this.

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