Do we expect that every new teacher will stay in the profession for 30 years or is teacher turnover now the norm with millennials who want to experience many careers.

The answer is that teacher turnover is the new norm.

There is a great chart at CNN on teacher turnover that kind of explains what is going on.

At the very high end of expected turnover (the average is 8%)

  • AZ – 11.9%
  • NV – 11.5%
  • MD – 10.9%
  • TX  – 10.7

At the low end – doing some great things:

  • SD – 2.8%
  • IL -2.9%
  • MA – 3.5%
  • WY – 3.7%

Turnover is not going away. We all want to keep great teachers but we have to face the reality that more teachers are retiring and more millennials want to do different things.

We have to find on-ramps so that more people can come into teaching when they are ready.