PHOENIX (March 26, 2018) – Teachers of Tomorrow announced today that the Arizona State Board of Education approved the first educator preparation and certification program under a new method for approving programs in the state. Arizona Teachers of Tomorrow will immediately begin recruiting and certifying teachers to help alleviate the critical teacher shortage in the state. The Arizona state legislature created the new method for approving programs in the 2017 legislative session by passing Senate Bill 1042.

During the last school year, there were more than 1,000 teacher vacancies unfilled as of October. According to the 2016 Title II report, there has been a 42 percent decrease in enrollment in teacher preparation programs and a 10 percent decrease in those that complete these programs between 2012 and 2015. Arizona has seen extreme shortages in areas such as science, math, special education and English as a second language; and many rural and urban schools struggle to find the talent they need.

“Arizona, like many states, is now seeing the impact of declining interest in teaching and we are excited to help school districts quickly address a growing teacher shortage,” said Vernon Reaser, CEO of Teachers of Tomorrow. “We know from experience that opening new pathways to teaching allows career changers to enter the profession, and with thorough training and support, stay in the profession.”

Teachers of Tomorrow worked closely with the Arizona State Board of Education to ensure the program met all state requirements and is fully aligned to all state standards. The very thorough process established by the state board will help ensure Arizona Teachers of Tomorrow teachers be better able to have success in Arizona classrooms. as been launched to propel the careers of future Arizona teachers who are transitioning into the classroom from other career paths. Phoenix resident Kirsten Flint has been hired as the Arizona Teachers director and a team is already established to help guide potential teachers through the process. She is already meeting with Arizona school districts to determine the exact teaching vacancies that need to be filled next school year. The company has already invested in a billboard campaign, “Want to teach, when can you start” as well as extensive digital marketing to help attract more great people into teaching in Arizona schools.

Those interested in applying to become a certified teacher in Arizona can submit a free application starting today or call 888-850-7740 for more information.

Teachers of Tomorrow is the largest, fastest growing Teacher Certification Program in the nation, delivering online training to individuals who want to pursue a career in teaching. Teachers of Tomorrow attracts career changers with an average age of 32 into teaching so they can bring their real-world experiences into the classroom. Teachers of Tomorrow is the second most diverse certification program in the country with 46 percent non-white enrollment. In Addition, 70 percent of Teachers of Tomorrow teachers remain in the profession after five years, significantly higher than the national average of only 50 percent. Over the last 11 years, Teachers of Tomorrow has certified more than 42,000 new teachers, and in 2016 the Company trained and certified more than 7,000 teachers. An independent study revealed that Teachers of Tomorrow graduates see student achievement results equal to teachers coming through university programs. Teachers of Tomorrow is an approved teacher certification provider in Texas, Florida, Nevada, Indiana, South Carolina, Michigan and Arizona.