Attention all South Carolina Educators, Teachers of Tomorrow have exciting news for those aspiring to broaden their horizons. Not only have we introduced new certification tracks in South Carolina for Early Childhood Education and Multi-Categorical Exceptional Status, but here’s the clincher: Teachers of Tomorrow is now the only alternative route for these two vital subject areas in the state!

What does this mean for your teaching journey? Are you curious about diving deeper into these specializations? You’re in the right spot! Browse through this blog post for all the insights. Ready to take your teaching career to new heights? Let’s journey through this exclusive opportunity together!”


Early Childhood Certification 

In South Carolina, the Early Childhood Certification is a specialized teaching credential for educators aiming to instruct children from birth through age eight or third grade. This certification emphasizes developmentally appropriate teaching methodologies tailored for young learners, covering foundational skills like basic literacy, numeracy, and social development. 

To acquire this certification, educators typically complete a state-approved preparation program in early childhood education, such as Teachers of Tomorrow, pass relevant state examinations, and meet any other state-specific criteria established by the South Carolina Department of Education.

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Hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

Complete an approved educator program for early childhood education, such as Teachers of Tomorrow. 

Testing Requirements:

As of the last update, candidates for Early Childhood Certification might need to pass the Praxis II: Early Childhood Content Knowledge test and the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) for the relevant grade level.

Application Process:

  • Submit an application for certification to the South Carolina Department of Education.
  • Provide official transcripts showing proof of your bachelor’s degree and the completion of a state-approved educator preparation program like Teachers of Tomorrow 
  • Submit passing scores from required tests.
  • Provide proof of any out-of-state teaching certifications (if applicable).
  • Submit background and fingerprint checks as required by the state.

Maintaining and Advancing Your Certification:

Initial certification in South Carolina is valid for three years. Afterward, educators can apply for the Professional Certificate, which is renewable every five years.

Continuous professional development is essential. South Carolina educators must meet specific renewal credit requirements to renew their professional certificates. 

Multi-Categorical Exceptional Status Certification 

The Multi-Categorical Exceptional Status certification is a specialized teaching credential for educators who work with students exhibiting a range of exceptionalities. Instead of focusing on one specific area of special education, this certification equips teachers to address multiple types of exceptionalities.

“Exceptionalities” in this context can refer to various special needs or conditions that might impact a student’s learning. This could encompass students with learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, mild intellectual disabilities, and even those gifted and talented.

In essence, a teacher with a Multi-Categorical Exceptional Status certification is trained and qualified to cater to the diverse needs of students within a special education setting without being limited to one specific category of exceptionality. The exact requirements and curriculum for obtaining this certification can vary by state, but it generally involves specialized coursework, hands-on teaching experience, and, often, passing relevant examinations.



Hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

Training: Completing a state-approved educator preparation program specific to multi-categorical exceptional education such as Teachers of tomorrow. 

Testing Requirements:

 South Carolina often requires candidates to pass content area exams, which would, in this case, be related to multi-categorical special education. These exams assess an educator’s knowledge and skills in the specific area of certification.

The Praxis series of exams is commonly used in many states. Check for specific test codes or names associated with multi-categorical exceptional status in South Carolina.

Application Process:

Application Submission: Submit an application for certification to the South Carolina Department of Education.

Documentation: Provide official transcripts showing proof of your bachelor’s degree and the completion of a state-approved educator preparation program such as Teachers of Tomorrow. This should show any coursework or practical experience related to multi-categorical exceptional education.

Test Scores:  Submit passing scores from the required tests.

Background Check: South Carolina, like many states, requires a background and fingerprint check for educators to ensure the safety of students.

Fees: Pay any associated application or processing fees.

Ongoing Requirements:

Depending on the certification’s duration, you may need to renew it after a certain number of years. Renewal often involves continuous professional development or additional coursework. 

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As our list of certification areas grows, candidates now have more options to discover an area that best aligns with their skills and abilities. Offering more certification areas makes our program accessible to a more significant number of prospective teachers. We are thrilled to be able to offer our innovative program to even more candidates!

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