Learn How to Become an Educator Advocate

Our mission is to create a community of dedicated and motivated brand ambassadors who will share their Teachers of Tomorrow journey and support aspiring teachers in achieving their dreams.

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What is TOT EA?

You have a unique story waiting to be told!

We believe in the power of Educator Advocates to influence change and provide a voice for current and future educators.

Our brand ambassadors receive exclusive perks and opportunities to promote the TOT program while providing helpful feedback to the public.

Join us in our mission to empower educators and to make a difference in the lives of their students.

Program Perks

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✦ Welcome Gift Package

✦ Get paid for each piece of content you create!

✦ Exclusive discounts and swag for Simple K12 (Professional Development) and The Learning Liaisons (Test Prep)

✦ Collaborate with a community of Brand Ambassadors

✦ Have your content featured in a community of over 100k current and future educators

✦ The opportunity to connect as an Educator Advocate within the learning community

✦ Be a part of something awesome!

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