It has been a solid year at Florida Teachers of Tomorrow in 2019.  We saw some serious progress in addressing the Florida teacher shortage and continue to work hard to make sure that every child has a great teacher.

For 2019 we had –

  • 3,639 new people inquired about becoming a Florida Teachers
  • 1,083 applicants to the Florida Teachers program
  • 235 new Florida Teacher candidates were enrolled in our educator preparation program
  •  100 of our teachers were hired as Florida Teachers!

As you can see, the biggest problem in Florida is getting people who are excited about teaching enrolled in an actual program.  We are working on that with the FL DOE to make sure we can get Statements of Status of Eligibility (SOE) into our teacher’s hands faster.

As a company, Teachers of Tomorrow has now recruited placed and certified over 60,000 teachers nationwide!

We are excited to be working with many Florida school districts to alleviate the teaching shortage – and will work even harder in 2020!

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