Indiana Teachers has had a great year in 2019 and looking forward to an even better 2020! With some of the changes in testing where the CASA test was eliminated, it has opened up the pipeline of new teacher candidates in Indiana. Our Indiana Transition to Teaching program has seen a nice increase in applicants.

Indiana Teachers results for 2019 –

  • 2,607 new people wanted more information from us on how to become an Indiana Teacher
  • 1,197 new applicants to Indiana Teachers
  • 291 newly enrolled Indiana Teachers Transition to Teaching participants
  • 137 teachers hired from Indiana Teachers for a total of 241 in just two years

We still have more to do to help solve the Indiana teachers shortage but we are very proud of what we accomplished this year. We have also helped many teachers on an emergency permit move to a full certificate through our programs which ensures we don’t lose great teachers who are already in the classroom.

Recruiting teachers is never easy – but we love the people we have met this year through our Indiana program and look forward to a great 2020!!

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