You’ve finished the educator preparation program, got your license and want to start interviewing tomorrow to start a great teaching career in Nevada. So here are the teacher interview questions –

Are you prepared for a teaching interview?

For most of us that answer is going to be no. Here is just a sample of the things you should do to be fully prepared before you get called for an interview.

  1. Your resume needs to look professional. Organized format and correct spelling of every word. Forget the obscure font and pictures…just make it look clear, crisp and understandable. Make sure your email address is professional as well as your voicemail greeting.
  2. Go through whatever social media you use and delete anything that doesn’t represent you in a professional fashion.
  3. Research the school you are interviewing at. Look at their social media accounts and see what has been going on there the past few months. If you can fit in a comment about some recent event at the school, that will show that you are very interested and have done your research.
  4. Have a family member go to and they’ll find examples of questions that have been asked by Principals. Have the family member ask you 5-10 questions while filming. As you look at it later, you’ll likely see some areas you want to tighten up your answers.
  5. Practice interviewing and when you are sure you have it…practice some more.
  6. Dress professionally and get there on time!
  7. Ask questions at the end and always send a thank you email afterwards.

We hosted an “Interviewing Skills” presentation November 12th for those that have completed Phase 1 of the program and are ready to get hired. We will be making this a regular event so check your email when you complete Phase 1 of the program for your invitation!

If you are not in the Nevada Teachers program – stop waiting – now is the perfect time to get everything done and be ready for hire as a new teacher in 2019.

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