There will always be a need for great teachers. Despite the many logistical struggles potential educators face, teaching is a career that grants a sense of fulfillment that can’t be denied. Teaching is not just a career. It is a life purpose. Teaching allows educators to change the fabric of society today and well into the future.

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”

― Malala Yousafzai

The teacher shortage in North Carolina is a problem that has reached a critical point. It could have long-reaching effects now and in the future if the course of action to encourage potential teachers isn’t stimulated to grow. A teacher shortage occurs when there aren’t enough teachers in district locations as well as subject areas in growing populations. North Carolina suffers a significant shortage in the subjects of math, science, and special education. Statistics show that students in high poverty districts suffer from a lack of experienced and effective teachers.

Since 2010, enrollment in education programs has plummeted by 30 percent. Hiring practices and ineffective recruitment programs have contributed to the loss of potential candidates. While the desire for people who want to join the education system may be there, the incentives to choose teaching as a career are sadly lacking. Potential educators face numerous statistical problems and struggle through the pipeline of traditional routes that take multiple years at a high cost.

That is where North Carolina Teachers of Tomorrow comes into the picture. We are a national teaching certification program that has already certified 45,000+ teachers. Our dedication to helping people start their teaching careers has made us the largest and most effective alternative certification program in the nation.

While traditional teaching programs may take several years, Teachers of Tomorrow offers expedited programs for potential candidates with a BA degree. Our highly trained program advisors and Field Supervisors offer training and support throughout the process from application to licensure and beyond. That is why 70% of our teachers are still teaching after 5 years. We work closely with school districts across the state to ensure our candidates are aligned with their hiring needs. The average age of teachers graduated or enrolled in our program is 32 and we rank #2 in the nation for diverse recruiting. While some programs encourage filling overstaffed easy-to-fill jobs, Teachers of Tomorrow advisors help candidates focus on hard-to-staff subjects and locations.

Teachers of Tomorrow is a program designed to encourage and support candidates who are passionate about teaching realize their goals. Our best-in-class alternative education program is designed to encourage anyone who wants to begin a career in teaching. Schools desperately need teachers. Students need committed and engaging teachers. Teachers of Tomorrow is the program to bridge the gap between those needs and the individuals willing to commit to future generations!