How To Write a Cover Letter for Your Next Teaching Job

Cover Letters might seem like a formality, but they’re actually a sure way to make a lasting first impression! If you choose to send only a resume with your application, it may seem as though you’re not serious about the position. Job recruiters claim that 45% of resumes get tossed because they were not sent with a Cover Letter. You don’t want to be a part of nearly half of the applicants who get rejected simply because you didn’t attach a Cover Letter. A Cover Letter should be seen as an opportunity to impress your future employer, not as an intimidating step in the application process. To help you create the best Cover Letter, we’ve listed some guidelines to follow. Be sure to keep reading until the bottom, where you’ll find four Cover Letter samples!

Keep it Simple!

Cover Letters are designed to highlight your experience, so make sure you do just that – highlight. Refrain from detailing every accomplishment you’ve ever achieved and, instead, mention the more relevant and important ones. Your intention is simply to get your foot in the door! You can always expand on your experience and achievements during an interview.

Formatting is Key

When writing a Cover Letter, it’s important to keep everything consistent. Use the same font and font size throughout, making sure the size isn’t too small to read. Your Cover Letter shouldn’t exceed one page, so make sure you’re putting only the most relevant information.

Include Major Keywords

As you sit down to write your Cover Letter, use the job description as a reference. Make sure to use the keywords and phrases mentioned in the descriptions to show that you are a perfect fit for the job.

Switch it Up

Show schools you care about the position by tailoring your resume to the specific job. This is a lot easier than it sounds! Once you create a general Cover Letter template, you can change certain words or phrases that you find in the job posting, or that are specific to the school district. These small changes can go a long way!

Be Yourself

A hiring manager will likely read your Cover Letter before ever speaking with you. Use your Cover Letter as a way to introduce yourself. Highlight your accomplishments and share your passion for teaching. Remember, although it’s okay to let a bit of your personality shine through, always make sure to keep it professional.

Play Matchmaker!

Use your Cover Letter to demonstrate how you would make a great fit for their school. You want to show them that you are precisely the teacher they’ve been waiting for. Talk about how your talents and experiences align with the culture and goals of the campus or district; you may need to research the school to do this effectively!

Cover Letter Samples

Looking for some inspiration? Check out these four sample Cover Letters from teachers:

ESL icon ESL Teacher Cover Letter

Why We Love It: it’s professional, communicates their passion for ESL, and includes an eye-catching bullet-pointed list.

English icon English Teacher Cover Letter

Why We Love It: it has a clever plug about taking a remote teaching course and details how success would be achieved in the classroom.

Science IconScience Teacher Cover Letter

Why We Love It: it explains why they pursued Science and demonstrates a personal connection to the community.

Spanish iconSpanish Teacher Cover Letter

Why We Love It: it’s genuine, references specific values of the school, and does a great job of building upon past experience.


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