Texas Teachers Awards a $4,350 Scholarship to Our #NextTexasTeacher Winner

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About the #NextTexasTeacher Scholarship

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In June of 2021, Texas Teachers launched our first-ever Instagram photo contest for the chance to win a full program Texas Teachers scholarship. The contest highlighted what motivates future teachers in Texas to pursue their education dreams through inspirational pictures and inspiring quotes. Our #NextTexasTeacher scholarship was created to support our mission of helping as many teachers make it to the classroom as possible! This incredible opportunity sought out to help one deserving individual begin their journey to become a fully certificated teacher in Texas. Over the course of 30 days, Texas Teachers received an astonishing number of entries from future teachers vying to be the #NextTexasTeacher! We are overjoyed at the success of this content and are excited to share its results with you.


Selecting the Scholarship Winner

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Please join us in extending our warmest congratulations to Davis Gilmartin, the winner of our #NextTexasTeacher scholarship. As one of our deserving finalists, we are proud to announce that Davis has been awarded the title of the #NextTexasTeacher. Texas Teachers is honored to gift Davis a full program scholarship for his inspiring submissions to our Instagram photo contest. With over 500 submissions from worthy individuals, the decision was not easy, but we are confident that Davis will go on to accomplish great things! We are incredibly proud to witness his teaching journey and to welcome him into our forever-growing Texas Teachers’ family!


 Meet Davis

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Davis is currently a SPED paraprofessional and is an exemplary leader at his school. His genuine compassion for teaching is part of what makes us so proud to sponsor his remaining program cost! To enter to win our Texas Teachers’ #NextTexasTeacher scholarship, we asked future teachers to share a photo. Along with the photo, scholarship contestants posted a caption about what inspires them to become a teacher. Through David’s answer, it was clear he was a contender to win.

 “When asked what inspires me to be a teacher, the answer couldn’t be clearer: The Students and Staff at Lakeview Middle School of course! My time spent as a SPED paraprofessional there was the happiest I have ever been and I know that the #nexttexasteacher scholarship would change my life for the better by bringing me back into the nurturing and fulfilling environment of Special Education!”

Be sure to follow Davis’  journey and to learn more about him by visiting his Instagram account.

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A special thank you to everyone who took part and helped make this contest a massive success. We were truly inspired by reading every single post! It is clear all our participants have a strong passion for education. Your future students are going to be so fortunate to have such dedicated and caring teachers! We encourage you to check out some of our finalist’s Instagram accounts and read their #NextTexasTeacher entry! To visit their account, simply click on their photo below!

Crystal Higgins  Katie Hicken Langlinais







Dewayne Fontenot     Keiara Kearns

(Contestant Names, from top-left to bottom right: Crystal Higgins, Katie Hicken Langlinais, Ronald (Dewayne) Fontenot, and Keiara Kearns.)


Upcoming Opportunities

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Texas Teachers is honored to take part in helping prepare dedicated educators. While our #NextTexasTeacher scholarship was a way for us to continue assisting future teachers and show appreciation for their outstanding efforts, rest assured that our work is never done. If you missed this scholarship opportunity, please stayed tuned! Our annual fall Texas Teachers’ scholarships will soon launch!

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