Texas Teachers’ Virtual Job Fairs have connected hundreds of districts with thousands of teacher candidates across Texas.

Because of such overwhelmingly positive candidate and district feedback, we are holding another session! For information on how to attend and connect with our interns, please contact Brooke Parker (BrookeP@texasteachers.org) or call us at 877-342-1202.

Why Attend a Virtual Job Fair?

By attending a Virtual Job Fair, candidates and districts can conveniently connect with each other from anywhere! No need to make travel arrangements or take time off. These events are ideal for all districts, but especially effective for those in more rural areas to reach a larger candidate group.

Plus, each Virtual Job Fair is free for both Texas Teachers candidates and all district Human Resource representatives. Districts can also customize their virtual booth to provide pertinent information, so candidates can view each one to see which districts align with their needs and strengths.

Virtual Fairs also help expedite the hiring process. All chats can be saved or sent vial email. Recruiters can share candidate details and discussions with peers to set up in-person or video-based interviews immediately following the initial chat.

Take advantage of this exciting, new recruiting method! Contact our team to attend our next session!

by Jonathan Schneider

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