Teachers of Tomorrow Is
Nationally Accredited

by the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation

We Are Fully Accredited!

As part of our mission to continually improve the quality of our Teachers of Tomorrow programs, we are proud to announce that we have attained full accreditation through the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). AAQEP is a distinguished organization that helps monitor the success and impact of both educator preparation programs (such as Texas Teachers) and universities alike. Attaining national accreditation formally recognizes the quality and integrity of our program. Our Teachers of Tomorrow program in Texas is fully offically accredited by AAQEP, valid January 2021 – January 2028.


What It Is and Why It Matters

National Accreditation matters because:

  • it provides increased value to your internship and certification.
  • it holds us to a set of high standards of quality and encourages us to seek opportunities for improvement.
  • our curriculum has been evaluated by experts to ensure excellence.
  • it signifies that our program will prepare you with the required skills to enter the teaching profession.
  • it provides assurance that our program meets standards established by an independent body.
  • it helps us better serve our schools, communities by preparing more effective educators

AAQEP promotes and recognizes quality educator preparation that strengthens the education profession’s ability to serve all students, schools, and communities, and to do so equitably. To accomplish its mission, AAQEP:

  • Supports the professional development of those engaged in quality assurance, continuous improvement, and innovation in educator preparation
  • Coordinates formative peer reviews in support of member institutions’ quality assurance, continuous improvement, and innovation
  • Designs and implements accreditation processes, in cooperation with states and institutions, that respect the diversity and autonomy of institutions and providers


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