It’s the start of the school year for students everywhere but schools still have vacant positions and are still hiring teachers.  Let’s take a quick trip around the country where the teacher vacancies mean that students will have long term subs or larger class sizes:

The first stat blew us away – now we know that California has had a 70% drop in ed school students in the last 5 years but according to this article, “California has 8,245 positions available, compared to 5,868 on the same day last year, according to an EDJOIN report provided by the San Joaquin County Office of Education.” That’s a crisis.

This article quotes a report says there will be shortage of black and Hispanic teachers until 2060 which is funny because our teachers are 46% non-white and could speed that up.

Utah is short 900 teachers and creating larger class sizes – and we are launching Utah Teachers of Tomorrow to meet that need now!

Harrison County West Virginia has a serious math teacher shortage

Oklahoma is having trouble finding teachers – 6-7 more students per class with 500 teacher vacancies.

Peoria IL starts with a shortage of 68 teachers and 13 long term subs

Idaho Governor Otter talks about solutions to their teacher shortage

Rowan County in North Carolina is still short 70-80 teachers

Wisconsin expands teacher license options to cope with teacher shortages with enrollment in teacher prep programs falling 28% in the last 5 years.

Virginia has open teaching positions with Chesterfield County has 28 openings, Henrico has 36, Petersburg has 34 and Hanover has five and Richmond is short 76 teachers!

It takes me longer and longer to put together this list each day of who is still hiring teachers – not surprising since school is starting – but it is pretty bad.



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