The average salary of a middle school teacher varies by industry, the lowest average salary for a middle school teacher was $45,510 for those working in religious organizations, while the highest average salary was around $99,470 for those working in schools (source: The actual salary ranges may change significantly depending on other factors, such as location, relevant work experience, licenses and certifications, and educational credentials. 

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Middle school is a stage where students between the ages of 11 to 14 transition into adolescence and higher learning. Middle school teachers play a critical role in this transitional period. They guide students through this formative phase of their academic and personal development, preparing them for high school and beyond. If you are aspiring to become a middle school teacher, we can provide guidance on the steps needed to achieve this career goal.

What Is a Middle School Teacher? 

A middle school teacher is a skilled educator who works with 5th to 8th grade students, usually between the ages of 11 to 14. They teach a wide range of subjects, which include math, science, history, social studies, and language. 

Middle school is a transitional period for children and is a stage where they slowly progress into adolescence and become prepared for higher education and more advanced social settings. It is an important phase in a child’s development and middle school teachers play a vital role in it, especially when it comes to shaping their students’ future success. Not only is it their duty to impart knowledge to them, but it is also their duty to foster a healthy emotional and social well-being. 

To accomplish this, middle school teachers must be well-versed in creating challenging assignments and developing progressive lesson plans. They must be capable of assessing the progress of each student and provide individualized support that caters to their unique needs. Finally, middle school teachers must possess the appropriate training, knowledge, passion, and motivation in order to effectively fulfill the role.

Becoming a middle school teacher typically requires obtaining a bachelor’s degree, with specialization or a major in subjects like history or math. Depending on the state or industry, a master’s degree may also be required. Some states will also have its own teacher certification exam that aspiring middle school teachers will need to take, too.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a middle school teacher, there are a variety of paths you can explore. Reaching out to experienced and accredited organizations that provide information and guidance on how to become a teacher is an excellent place to start.

How Much Do Middle School Teachers Make?

How much a middle school teacher makes varies by state and the industry they’re in, but on average, middle school teachers make about $61,320 annually. Depending on the industry, a middle school teacher’s salary can either be a fixed, annual salary or an hourly salary. 

Other factors that can affect this include your years of work experience, any special qualifications or credentials you may have, such as a specialization in some subjects like Spanish or science, and your educational background. 

Here’s a simple graph to show the lowest and highest ranges for middle school teacher salaries:

middle school teacher salary national average.


What is the Highest and Lowest Paying Middle School Job?

By industry, the lowest average salary for middle school teachers is $48,020 for those who work in religious organizations, while the highest average salary hovers around $66,910 for those employed in schools. 

Here’s a simple chart showing industries offer the highest possible average salary for middle school teachers:

how much does a middle school teacher make by industry.


Middle School Teacher Salaries By State

The salaries we’ve provided so far refer to the average for the entire country and by industry. To give you a better perspective, here’s a table showing the average annual salary by state, arranged from the highest to the lowest:

RankStateAverage Annual Salary
1New York$ 94,690.00
2California$ 92,350.00
3Massachusetts$ 85,740.00
4Washington$ 85,260.00
5Connecticut$ 82,790.00
6Virginia$ 75,760.00
7Oregon$ 75,570.00
8Alaska$ 75,290.00
9New Jersey$ 74,390.00
10Maryland$ 73,480.00
11Rhode Island$ 73,210.00
12Pennsylvania$ 68,850.00
13Ohio$ 67,190.00
14Illinois$ 67,170.00
15Delaware$ 66,780.00
16Minnesota$ 65,630.00
17Utah$ 64,520.00
18Georgia$ 64,460.00
19Wyoming$ 64,210.00
20Nebraska$ 64,030.00
21Hawaii$ 63,100.00
22Michigan$ 62,910.00
23New Hampshire$ 62,900.00
24Nevada$ 62,880.00
25Florida$ 60,280.00
26Maine$ 59,760.00
27North Dakota$ 59,750.00
28New Mexico$ 59,750.00
29Vermont$ 59,640.00
30Kansas$ 59,630.00
31Colorado$ 59,580.00
32Texas$ 59,080.00
33Wisconsin$ 58,450.00
34Iowa$ 57,940.00
35Montana$ 57,560.00
36Missouri$ 57,560.00
37South Carolina$ 56,350.00
38Kentucky$ 55,650.00
39Indiana$ 55,510.00
40Alabama$ 54,870.00
41Oklahoma$ 54,220.00
42Tennessee$ 54,000.00
43Arkansas$ 52,650.00
44Idaho$ 52,280.00
45Louisiana$ 52,170.00
46North Carolina$ 50,630.00
47Arizona$ 50,580.00
48West Virginia$ 50,190.00
49South Dakota$ 48,230.00
50Mississippi$ 46,880.00

Note that middle school teacher salaries by state are a mix of hourly salaries and annual salaries regardless of hours of work. This makes calculating the data for average hourly salaries by state difficult. 


How To Become a Middle School Teacher

Being in the position of a middle school teacher can be both challenging and rewarding. It is a job that offers an opportunity to shape a child’s intellectual, social, and emotional development. To ensure that only motivated and passionate individuals get to be in this position, states established rules and requirements that need to be followed before one can become a middle school teacher. 

While the specific requirements can vary by state, all will require a bachelor’s degree. A major in a relevant middle school subject, such as math, science, history, or a language subject like Spanish, may also be required. In some states, aspiring middle school teachers will also need to have a master’s degree in addition to having a bachelor’s. Finally, most states will also have their own teaching certification tests, and some may even require the completion of student-teaching programs in order to pass those tests. 

While state requirements are not strictly imposed in private schools for middle school teaching positions, these schools will almost always have the same standards imposed by other industries.

To know more about your options or if you need help setting up your path to becoming a middle school teacher, you can reach out to an experienced and accredited organization that provides information and guidance on how to become a teacher.