Discover how Teachers of Tomorrow can help guide you toward an amazing career in education. Learn how much a kindergarten teacher makes in Texas.

Being a kindergarten teacher is a rewarding career path. And it can pay well too! So, how much does a kindergarten teacher make in Texas annually? A recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that Texas’s average kindergarten teacher salary is $53,280 as of April 2023. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on a range of factors, including where you live within the state, education degrees and certifications, experience in the field, etc. 

Ready to start your career as a kindergarten teacher?

Are you considering a career in education? You’ve come to the right place! We would love to help you with the opportunity to be a positive influencer in a young child’s life. Kindergarten teachers plant the seeds of knowledge in our youngest learners and help to cultivate a passion for learning that will blossom throughout their lives. These educators work tirelessly to ensure children have an enriching start on their academic paths every day!

What does it mean to be a kindergarten teacher?

A kindergarten teacher in Texas is someone who educates children, typically between the ages of 5 and 6. Kindergarten teachers play a vital role in introducing kids to subjects like reading, writing, mathematics, and social skills, planning lessons, and evaluating progress throughout the year. Kindergarten educators teach in public school, private, and charter school settings. 

How much do kindergarten teachers in Texas make?

The average salary for kindergarten teachers in Texas varies depending on factors we’ll discuss in greater detail soon. Here is a breakdown of the salary ranges:

  • Low 25%: $43,000
  • Mid 50%: $53,280
  • High 75%: $64,500

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Becoming a kindergarten teacher in Texas

Ready to start a career as an amazing kindergarten teacher in Texas? You’ll need all the essentials: a bachelor’s degree, successful completion of an approved certification program, and finally – your ticket to success – apply for that teaching license! If you’re feeling overwhelmed with this process, don’t worry – our guide has everything you need. Check it out and prepare for your future as one fun-loving kindergartner educator! For more detailed information, refer to our guide on how to become a kindergarten teacher in Texas.

What factors affect my earning potential as a teacher?

Let’s take a closer look at the factors that affect teacher salaries: 

  1. Experience: Teachers who bring years and even decades of experience can generally expect a higher salary than those just starting out. 
  2. Education: Educators with master’s degrees or advanced certifications will have a higher chance of being in the upper salary range than those without. 
  3. Geographic location: Salaries can vary significantly based on where you live. Neighborhoods with higher living costs usually have the funding to provide higher salaries. 
  4. School type: Public schools have different pay structures than private and charter school settings. Typically, teachers can expect a higher salary at a public school. 

Which teacher jobs pay the highest and lowest? 

Higher paid kindergarten teachers typically live in more affluent areas in Texas with a higher cost of living. More specialized degrees or certifications can also win you a higher paycheck. On the lower end of the spectrum are teachers who teach in rural or more economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Texas.