The Economic Policy Institute is out with their normal jobs report for the week but included a section on the “teacher employment gap” showing a 389,00 job shortfall in public education. The teacher employment gap is the gap between local public education employment and what is needed to keep up with student population growth.

Since the recession, state and local governments have cut school budgets contributing to the shortage.  There are still 116,000 fewer public education jobs then there was before the recession in 2007. Teacher employment

The consequences that the employment gap are causing in America’s schools are:

  1. Larger class sizes
  2. Fewer teacher aides
  3. Fewer extracurricular activities
  4. Poor working conditions
  5. Subpar wages

What is not addressed is that all 5 of the reasons above are why people are not going into teaching as a first career straight out of college.

teacher shortage


The teacher shortage is getting worse – and students are the ones who suffer.

WANT TO HEAR MORE – Dave Saba is speaking on Teacher Shortages at the American Association of School Personnel Administrators annual conference conference at 3:00 PM on Wednesday October 10, 2018 in Minnesota – Teacher Shortages  -where are we and what can we do?

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