Spent the day in Clark County, NV which really has done a complete turn-around on teacher recruitment – and the focus has been on teacher pay and putting great principals in schools.

And the results are pretty impressive – last year at this time there were over 800 teacher openings and this year there are only about 330.  That is HUGE!

They went from $34K starting salary to over $40K and if you teach in a high needs school or high needs subject you can get a bonus of $5K.  But that’s not all – they are stealing experienced teachers from other states by pledging to pay what you are making in your current role.

So if you have one year experience in San Jose, CA and making $70K there, you can earn $70K here in Las Vegas, pay no state tax, have a much better cost of living and go from there on the salary band.  HUGE.

So they are filling positions but still have a gap which is why we are working so hard to understand what Teachers of Tomorrow can do here. But it does appear that a significant jump in pay can work.

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