Teachers of Tomorrow wants to recognize the most respected education and teaching blogs of this generation. These blogs are consistently updated and focus on education’s current events, technology, creative strategies, valuable resources, as well as personal experiences.

After reviewing hundreds of educational blogs, we found created a list of the top 50. These blogs contain indispensable content, out-of-the-box classroom ideas, thought-provoking insights, and entertaining media as a whole. If you are looking for awesome concepts to use in the classroom or even at home, we strongly suggest that you check out our exclusive rundown of the best teacher websites of 2023.

Top 50 Teacher Websites 2017

The sites are in no particular order, but we did organize them by site type:

Education and Learning Blogs

Education and Learning Sites


A comprehensive resource for project-based learning,
social/emotional learning, comprehensive
assessment, teacher development, integrated studies, and technology integration. Browse through hundreds of helpful content and videos, or simply join the growing community of Edutopia to be able to connect, collaborate, and share resources with fellow education enthusiasts.

Contact: Nora Fleming, Editor

Twitter: @norafleming1

TeachHUB Education Blog

Technology, teaching strategies, and classroom management – this blog has these all covered. Every week, new content is published about using technology and practical teaching strategies. This blog also provides ways to utilize classroom resources to build stronger relationships with students.

Contact: Annie Condron, Author

Twitter: @anniecondron

Library Stuff

A law librarian’s weblog that shares
daily bits of education news, current state, conferences, periodicals, and tons of other information that can be exhausted for professional development. Stay in the loop with the latest updates on education by subscribing to this personal teacher website.

Contact: Steven Cohen, Author

Twitter: @librarystuff


Education News Websites

Education News Websites For Teachers

This Week in Education

An all-in-one ed blog that compiles teaching resources and tools, strategies and ideas, fun student activities, good books and authors, as well as updates ed news in a single setting. The website also provides amazing devices for new and experienced teachers alike.

Contact: Alexander Russo, Author

Twitter: @alexanderrusso

Education Week

For passionate educators, EdWeek offers  daily news and fantastic advice on addressing everyday classroom scenarios.  Browsing this blog will provide you with easy access to e-books, professional development kits, and links to follow-worthy blogs related to education.

Contact: Ryan Lanier, Marketing Manager

LinkedIn: @ryan-lanier-92111710

eSchool News

Need daily updates of technology and innovation? Look no further!  In addition to brilliant featured articles, eSchool News also features tons of teacher resources, classroom improvement ideas, and professional development tools for avid educators.

Contact: Meris Stansbury, Editorial Director

LinkedIn: @MerisCCI

AEIdeas Blog

AEIdeas is more than just an ordinary public policy blog.  It’s a multifunctional website, featuring works of valued authors in education. Follow AEIdeas to stay in-tune with the latest education news, innovation, reforms, events, and opportunities for career development.

Contact: Megan Cahill, Media Relations and Marketing

Twitter: @megcahill3

The Hechinger Report

Showcasing in-depth journalism at a whole new level, The Hechinger Report deals with the latest innovation and everyday issues on education and academics. The website tackles a plethora of timely topics including blended learning, early education, higher education, high school reform, teacher preparation, and so much more.

Contact: Liz Willen, Editor

Twitter: @L_willen

KQED Learning

KQED LearningA delegated learning website that
supports creative expression, civic engagement, and problem solving by means of multimedia, digital devices, experiential activities, and professional tools in education. It also features noteworthy articles about Arts, Post-Secondary ESL, Science, and News & Civics.

Contact: Christina Reagan

Twitter: @KQEDedspace


An education policy and politics blog composed by Andrew J. Rotherham, the Co-founder and Partner at Bellwether Education Partners. It is open for collaboration with guest authors who are passionate about policies and politics in the broad field of education.

Contact: Andrew J. Rotherham

Twitter: @arotherham


Education and Tech Blogs

Ed Tech Websites

Tech & Learning

This site started as a technology and learning magazine in prints, but now has taken publication to new heights! Providing an all-in-resource for school administrators, teachers, and students. It allows them to manage, educate, and learn using the website’s cutting-edge information.

Contact: Kevin Hogan, Author

Twitter: @techlearning

High Techpectations

Lucy Gray designed her blog to inspire today’s educators. Here, she shares not only ideas and resources, but also downloadable PDFs and multiple useful links for the savvy teacher. Plus, you’ll get easy access to her YouTube workshop by joining in!

Contact: Lucy Gray

Twitter: @elemenous

Class Tech Tips

This blog provides you with a wide selection of useful education-related information, ranging from Math tools, Social Studies and Sciences, reading, writing, educational technology, and new teaching strategies. You will also get instant updates on the latest events and workshops for professional advancement.

Contact: Monica Burns

Twitter: @ClassTechTips

iLearn Technology

Kelly Tenkely’s purpose of creating this edutech weblog is to create education opportunities based on how it can and should be. In addition to updates on her everyday journey as a teacher, she also lets readers to take part in tips on integrating technology in the classroom for more effective education.

Contact: Kelly Tenkely, Author

Twitter: @ktenkely

Techie Musings

This high school math teachers blog is perfect for techie and learning addicts like himself. The Author is passionate about making lessons feel like play. Learn about tips on using technology, making creative project ideas, and how to transform monotonous lessons into dynamic and fun-filled discussions.

Contact: Stacey Roshan

Twitter: @buddyxo

On an e-Journey with Generation Y

A blog owned by a commerce and information technology teacher that aims to implement technology in classrooms all over the world. Her blog highlights her recent collaborations in the ed industry, newest projects, guest blog posts, as well as the latest presentations she has participated with.

Contact: Anne Mirtschin, Author

Twitter: @murcha


This blog targets schools and teachers who are new to educational technology. Various topics are covered such as educational website/app tutorials, EdTech lesson ideas, class management technology, and tons of other useful tools.


Contact: Neil Jarrett, Author

Twitter: @edtechneil

The Edtech Roundup

An incredible resource for updates on educational technology news and reviews. This teacher website also contains a full load of ingenious lesson plans/strategies for incorporating technology in everyday classrooms and helping teachers to easily incorporate technology into the curriculum.

Contact: Michael Karlin, Author

Twitter: @etroundup

Assistive Technology

A jam-packed reference guide
specializing in AT hardware and software solutions to address several areas including communication, writing, organization, reading and multimedia for special needs students. The ed blog is written for both general and SPED teachers looking for ways to increase students’ awareness on using technology devices for learning.

Contact: Brian Friedlander, Author

Twitter: @assistivetek

Edutech for Teachers

A blog created and maintained by an instructional technology specialist based in Central Philadelphia. The site is dedicated to sharing innovative teaching strategies using digital media and the latest technology devices to further engage students and provide a millennial educational experience.

Contact: Jamie Forshey, Author

Twitter: @edutech20

Learn Lead Grow

A tech integrator’s avenue for disclosing classroom management tips, classroom and technology integration ideas, non-conformal teaching techniques, imaginative student project ideas, and loads of other tech resources that both parents and teachers can use, whether at home or in school.

Contact: Matt Bergman, Author

Twitter: @mattbergman14

Connected Teaching and Learning

This news and technology blog designed by a teacher based in Oslo, Norway. The website combines a myriad of fantastic resources for getting more creative at drafting lesson plans, incorporating technology in the classroom, as well as improving teaching in general.

Contact: Ann Michaelsen, Author

Twitter: @annmic


Teacher Websites 

Best Teacher Bloggers

Web 2.0 Classroom

A weblog written and edited by a speaker, author, and learning evangelist who aims to help educators and school administrators better understand social media and technology through a humorous learning approach. Learn more through his articles, interviews, and philosophies on the future of education.

Contact: Steven W. Anderson, Author

Twitter: @web20classroom

Teacher Toolkit

An influential teacher’s blog provided by deputy headteacher working in an inner-city school in London, UK. Sink your teeth into real-world tips on teaching, training, resources, books, articles, and creating lesson plans. Stay updated with the latest ed news and policies through this site.

Contact: Ross McGill, Author

Twitter: @teachertoolkit

The Principal of Change

A teacher’s journal presenting his daily experiences in learning and leading in education. Focused on innovative teaching and learning, the author has also published inspiring books and shared viable resources covering effective teacher-student relationships, visionary leadership, leading a learning community, revamping professional learning, and loads more.

Contact: George Couros

Twitter: @gcouros

The Cool Cat Teacher

An encouraging teacher blog that shares inspiration, ideas, and support for those in the field of education. Featured in prominent media outlets such as Forbes and The Washington Post. Cool Cat Teacher shares cool teaching secrets, technology utilization ideas, education trends, and a multitude of cool stuff for keen teachers.

Contact: Vicki Davis

Twitter: @coolcatteacher

A Principal’s Reflections

Eric SheningerA Texas principal’s medium for sharing views about on educational leadership, effective technology integration, best practices, and creating a student-centered learning culture. It also boasts his innovative approach to teaching, and how to adapt relevant methods to capture lasting student engagement.

Contact:Eric Sheninger

Twitter: @E_Sheninger

Will Richardson

A teacher’s blog that focuses on modern learning and schooling. The blog’s main mission is to orient educators and schools in terms of technology, learning and everything in between. Will Richardson invites you to join in his wonderful journey of teaching and inspiring future educators.

Contact:  Will Richardson

Twitter: @willrich45

The Nerdy Teacher

A nerdy teacher’s guide to everything education and techie. Learn to become an improved leader, learner, and teacher by browsing through these nerdy articles, which give out tips and ideas to maintain student interest and engagement.

Contact: Nicholas Provenzano

Twitter: @thenerdyteacher

Kathy Schrock’s Kaffeeklatsch

A blog maintained by Kathy Schrock, an instructional technology specialist and retired public library librarian. She also authored over a hundred education and technology articles and multiple books about educational technology. Kaffeeklatsch offers a perfect place for learning and chatting about anything related to education.

Contact: Kathy Schrock

Twitter: @kathyschrock


Moving at the Speed of Creativity

The site is developed by Dr. Wesley Fryer, a speaker, author, and teacher in Oklahoma City. Blog is created to digitally document his journey and collaboration with educators and learning enthusiasts across the globe. His main interest is using media creatively to help students in learning.

Contact: Dr. Wesley Fryer

Twitter: @wfryer

Imagination Soup

A teacher’s multi-functional website, containing a plethora of useful tools regarding educational books, writing, reading, math and science, technology and so much more. The blog is an awesome resource for new teachers, especially those employed in preschool and elementary levels.

Contact: Melissa Taylor

Twitter: @imaginationsoup

The Thesis Whisperer

Edited by Dr. Inger Mewburn, the blog focuses on all things related to the creation of school thesis. It contains editorial guidelines, useful resources, and also workshops and training opportunities for graduating students. Dr. Mewburn is the Director of research training at the Australian National University.

Contact: Inger Mewburn

Twitter: @thesiswhisperer

Teach Preschool

A preschool teacher’s journal for sharing her daily route towards learning and growing as an educator. Discover DIYs, fun classroom activities, and tons of other helpful resources covering topics such as literacy, STEM, art, sensory play, and motor skills.

Contact: Deborah J. Stewart

Twitter: @teach_preschool

The Jose Vilson

The Jose Vilson is a site drafted by an activist, author,
speaker, and a teacher rolled into one. He teaches math in middle school in New York, NY. His website covers a plethora of great topics, including education, resources, writing, and the list goes on.

Contact: Jose Vilson

Twitter: @thejlv

Pre-K Pages

A blog inspired by a community of Vanessa Levinteachers who want the best for themselves and their students. The website Provides you with valuable teaching tips, lesson plans, and classroom activity ideas such as dramatic play and learning workshops.

Contact: Vanessa Levin

Twitter: @prekpages

My Paperless Classroom

A journal on modern education, including tips, techniques, and classroom ideas for today’s techie educators. Sam usually posts about programming, technology, STEM education, language arts, creative classroom projects, curriculum, student programs, student behavior, and other teaching-related concepts.

Contact:  Sam Patterson

Twitter: @sampatue


Ira is passionate about linking conceptual and historical research with real, on-the-ground, investigation and using best practices to create a unique perspective at educational systems, whether formal or informal. In this blog, he shares enlightening insights about education, technology, and school reforms.

Contact: Ira David Socol

Twitter: @irasocol

Darcy Moore

Darcy’s blog emphasizes on learning, leadership, education, schooling, teaching, digital technologies, edutech, books, literature, travel, genealogy, music, photography, citizen science and the impact of social media to students of this generation. Darcy is a father, a traveler, and a deputy principal at NSW Department of Education and Communities.

Contact: Darcy Moore

Twitter: @darcy1968

Stephen Downes

An online learning specialist’s avenue for sharing new topics concerning online educational media. The blog discusses passion in spreading knowledge, learning, and interaction. The website also shares good leads to books, publications, presentations, newsletters, and articles that educators might find useful in their profession.

Contact: Stephen Downes

Twitter:  @downes

Corkboard Connections

A teacher resources website
containing ideas and time-saving resources for busy teachers. Laura’s posts consist mainly of teacher hacks, fun activities for kids, professional development insights, student engagement, making connections, and other fun ideas. Laura is an author and teacher based in Fayetteville, NC.

Contact: Laura Candler

Twitter: @lauracandler

Cassidy’s Classroom Blog

An edublog involving a teacher’s fun experiences with six-year-olds in a school in Saskatchewan, Canada. Ms. Cassidy invites you to join the joy and excitement of learning through her Twitter feed and daily activities with her jolly and super curious students.

Contact: Kathy R. Cassidy

Twitter: @mscassidysclass

Teaching 2 and 3 year olds

Sheryl’s blog revolves around playful learning, mainly for little kids in preschool and nursery. Get exclusive tips, activity concepts, themes, and helpful content aimed at teachers, preschoolers and toddlers for more effective education at the early stage of development.

Contact: Sheryl Cooper

Twitter: @tch2and3yearold


A psychology-themed blog written by a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Most of his articles discuss teaching theories, learning concepts, education-related research, emotional issues of youth, learning determination, resilience, and general mental health.

Contact: Marc Smith

Twitter: @PsychologyMarc


Parent-Friendly Websites 

Parent Friendly

TeachThoughtTerry Heick

It’s more than just a teachers’ website. It’s a blog created to promote learning, critical thinking, effective teaching strategies, as well as valuable content for parents. Take an in-depth look at timely education topics and significant advice on professional growth.

Contact: Terry Heick

Twitter: @terryheick

Linking and Thinking on Education

A writer’s website encompassing piles of helpful links for today’s educators. Browse through collection of respected blogs of organizations and teachers or scroll through a comprehensive rundown of the best online resources that are not only for teachers, but also for dedicated parents.

Contact: Joanne Jacobs

Twitter: @joanneleejacobs

The Preschool Toolbox Blog

An educator’s blog containing fun children themes and activities that teachers and parents can use in the classroom or at home. Obtain interesting concepts for dealing with preschool and kindergarten students using Darla’s tips. With blissful and colorful themes, you’d surely get more attention and participation from your students.

Contact: Darla Hutson

Twitter: @pschooltoolbox


EdReform Websites

Education Reform

The Center for Education Reform

An information-packed website that delivers the latest news on educational opportunities, economic outcomes, and innovation. The team is actively working to expand educational opportunities so everyone may achieve the American dream. Its mantra is to combine innovation and opportunity to achieve positive results.

Contact: Jeanne Allen

Twitter: @edreform

Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd)

An excellence-focused website concentrating on school reforms and its changes over the years. ExcelinEd is created to encourage student readiness for university and careers so that students will be able to succeed in this modern and fast-changing world.

Contact: Kristin Lock

Twitter: @kristinfsu

NYC Educator

An ESL teacher’s blog that includes a compilation of the latest stories in education news and politics. Updated daily by  Arthur Goldstein. If you’re subscribed to this blog It’s impossible to miss anything big, notable, or life-changing happening in NYC.

Contact: Arthur Goldstein

Twitter: @teacherarthurg

The Edvocate

Matthew LynchEdvocate aspires to make education policy shifts to improve students quality of education and learning opportunities. The team strongly calls for a relatively radical and comprehensive reform of America’s education system.

Contact: Matthew Lynch

Twitter: @Lynch39083

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