Great report from Pearson on the reason for the teacher shortage. The report brings together data from Dr. Ingersol:

  • “As a result, the number of teacher retirements has similarly changed, from 35,000 in 1988-89, to 87,000 in 2004-05, to 85,000 in 2008-09.”

With data from Title II reports from 2010 to 2014

  • Enrollment in traditional education school programs fell by 30%
  • Enrollment in higher ed based alternative certification programs fell by 41%
  • Enrollment in other alternative certification programs fell by 29%

The thing I find fascinating here is that our Teachers of Tomorrow continues to rapidly expand. We have increased the number of teachers who come into the program and who are placed by double digits every year.

It’s about having a great program that people can understand. It’s about having a team of advisors help people understand how to become a teacher and it’s about really knowing how to recruit career-changers into the classroom.

While the rest of teacher preparation struggles – we continue succeed.